Cuff Bouquet — Photo by Sharon McGukin, AAF, AIFD, PFCIWhen creating wedding day plans, add personal details to truly make it ‘your’ day. Make this an opportunity to express your signature style — the visual statement of how you will evolve in this new stage of life.

Your signature style is the look or expression of personal taste that defines ‘you’ to others. Personal style is an attitude, an enthusiasm for the things you love, an instinctive knowledge that your choices matter. Showing confidence in your signature style signals to others that you know who you are, what you like, and are comfortable with your choices. How can you develop your signature style?

Define yourself.

Look for inspiration in the things you surround yourself with. Select your favorite colors, fashions, flowers, accessories, and music to reflect your personal taste. Choose something you love versus just following current trend or fashion. Be your own wedding fashionista and showcase a look that truly reflects you. If you have already defined your signature look, blend it into your wedding selections so the day will reflect your personal style.

Cuff Bouquet - Photo by Sharon McGukin, AAF, AIFD, PFCIMy daughter, Shea, loves the simple elegance of both pearls and orchids, yet enjoys a sense of fun. I used those elements to design a floral cuff that was chic and fun, but also comfortable to carry for her reception bouquet. She loved it!

Decide on your personal statement.

Determine what you want to accomplish. Create impact by focusing on one goal rather than blending a lot of looks and ideas. Love hats? Wear one and choose hats for the bridesmaids as well. Have a penchant for vintage? Consider vintage dresses and jewelry along with your vintage decor. Above all, choose a look that you enjoy and reflects your personal preferences in everyday life.

See yourself in the spotlight.

Picture yourself as the focus of attention on that day. Make sure the setting, fashion, décor and planned events all reflect your personality and feel comfortable to you. Nothing is more noticeable than an uncomfortable bride trying to meet someone else’s expectations of how things should be. This day of happiness should reflect how you express yourself.

Make it memorable.

Choose accessories, props, and decorations that help to complete the look, but be careful not to overdo it. Well placed subtle details can speak fluently of your signature style without overwhelming guests with ‘your look’. Keep all visible elements such as facility size, food, flowers, fashion and degree of event formality in balance for a unified look. Take care to express your personal taste with confidence. Enthusiasm is contagious and sharing your excitement for the details, will encourage your guests to enjoy the pleasure of ‘your’ special day with you.

Ask your florist for ideas to make your signature style shine on your wedding day.

Sharon McGukin is the author of “Flowers of the Heart: A Bride’s Guide to Choosing Flowers for her Wedding.”