This year, we celebrated the finale of our popular online floral design competition series, introduced the Live Like a Flower series with advice from well-known experts in life and happiness, and continue to share the creativity and expertise from some of the top florists from across the country. Thank you for reading as we share trends, tips and information on all things floral. And now, without further ado, here are your favorite posts of 2014:

VaseOff! Challenge All-Stars: The winning florists from our five VaseOff! Challenges competed for the title VaseOff! All-Stars Champion! Each florist created an arrangement to depict the notion, “Live Colorfully – Dare to Be Different,” inspiring a friend to live life to the fullest. You crowned “Outta the Box” champion.


Prom Trends 2014: Flowers fashioned with wires, chains and beads for an industrial and edgy look was one of seven top prom trends previewed.


Birth Month Flowers: Find out what your birth month flower says about you.


Celebrating Amazing Women: International Women’s Day on March 8 each year gives us an opportunity to show appreciation to the female heroes in our every day lives. Honor, respect and love translate so beautifully with flowers. In fact, research shows that flowers create instant delight and increase happiness and life satisfaction, so they are the perfect gift to make her smile.

Women's Day is March 8

Easy, Brave and Bold Home Decor Updates: Flowers are an easy and affordable way to incorporate trend colors into your home décor. As well as beautifying and updating your living space, flowers boost emotional health. Harvard research proves people feel more compassionate toward others, have less worry and anxiety, and feel less depressed when flowers are present in the home.


8 Tips for Your Wedding Budget: The ultimate goal of your wedding plan centers on hosting a well-orchestrated event that is memorable to you and your families, and enjoyable for your guests. Careful planning, attention to detail and disciplined prioritizing can help you to achieve this goal — even on a tight budget.


The Flower Name Game: The names of flowers and plants can conjure up feelings, and so do the significance of their colors.


Hey Guys, Valentine’s Day is Here: Three easy steps to make Valentine’s Day memorable.


Fourth of July Fireworks: We showed three colorful floral arrangements inspired by Fourth of July fireworks perfect to decorate celebrations or thank party hosts.


Making Seniors Smile: A Rutgers University behavioral study proved senior citizens who had flowers in their living spaces were happier, more social, and had better recent memory than those who did not have flowers.


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