Pyramid Vase with Roses, Orchids and AlstroemeriaDo you believe in magic? I do. I see it every day. Every time someone walks out of my store with a simple wrapped bouquet of beautiful flowers “just because,” I am personally touched by magic. In a world where we are inundated by fear, cruelty and danger, and surrounded by negativity and pain, a simple gathering of yellow daisies cuts through the darkness like a brilliant magical bolt of light. It is no wonder that flowers and plants have long been used by cultures worldwide in their religious and mystical practices.

When a guest enters my store “just because” it shows that someone was in their thoughts. That person has cared enough to take the time to set aside their personal needs and wants to think of another fellow human being. The true magic of flowers is present in this simplest of gestures. A spell is being cast… spirits are about to be lifted, a load lightened, a day brightened and someone’s world will be better if only for a brief but memorable moment. Magically, this same “just because” moment also leaves a bit of its spell on the giver as well. Their life is made richer from their generous and thoughtful action. What a blessing it is to be the one who is given the honor to be “just the florist.” I enjoy and vicariously share in this moment of “just because.”

As a floral shop owner whose business is in one of the most economically ravaged and psychologically downtrodden areas of the United States, I consider my flowers not a luxury or an extravagance, but a necessity. The magic and beauty of flowers is needed. It’s a sign that we humans really are caring, giving and generous beings. Regardless of how our city is portrayed in the media, there is good around us and in us.

One of my favorite sayings is this, “Bread and water feeds the body but flowers feed the soul.” Take a moment to nourish someone else’s soul and enjoy the benefits when yours gets fed, too.

I love my job… just because.

Have you ever given or received flowers just because? How did it feel?