BlogPhotoSept15It can be argued that, in certain aspects, we have become a society based on materialism, instant gratification and a continual stream of rewards. For many people, this has led to feeling cluttered, overwhelmed and overstimulated. This is especially prevalent during the late autumn and early winter months of October, November and December. But you can break these patterns and bring even greater meaning to your life with three easy steps.

Step One: Find your way back to the simple pleasures in life. Take some time to “unplug” and rekindle your connection with nature. In other words: stop and smell the roses…or lilies, freesia, carnations, etc. Flowers positively simulate our senses, especially those related to vision and smell. In fact, flowers are scientifically proven to create instant delight and increase life satisfaction. You can get the benefits of connecting with nature and flowers without even leaving your home or office. Earlier this year, a nationwide survey by the Society of American Florists (SAF) found that three in four people believe that flowers in their home or office improve their mood and disposition.

Step Two: Give more than you receive. Many of us expect gifts and tend to get much more than we need or know what to do with. We often confuse wants with needs. To bring about greater personal meaning, try giving more gifts than you receive. For a personal, customized gift, work with your florist to find the right flowers to deliver your message. Flowers are the perfect affordable, meaningful gift, eliciting smiles from anyone who is in their presence. Not only are they a great way to spread happiness to others, but also to increase our own happiness. SAF’s survey found that while 80 percent of people feel happy when they receive flowers, even more (88%) report positive feelings of happiness when they give flowers.

Step Three: Give a gift ‘just because.’ The holiday season is all about togetherness, as well as giving and getting. We often limit our good will during the winter months to surround the designated holidays. When was the last time you did something special for yourself or someone else ‘just because’? SAF’s recent survey found that 84% of Americans stated that the best reason for receiving flowers is ‘just because.’ Try it!

As we enter this holiday season try something new. Bring greater meaning and fulfillment to your life – and to others – by giving more than receiving. Giving ‘just because’ is a beautiful thing because it’s unexpected! In my opinion, the gift of flowers is the most cost-efficient gift with the greatest positive effects known to man.

What is your experience with giving and receiving flowers?