Tranquil-FBCurious question isn’t it? Your “Floral DNA” as I call it, is your floral preferences. It is shaped by your likes and mood as well as outside forces, such as the weather or occasion.

Your Floral DNA encompasses your favorite colors, flower varieties and style. When buying flowers for yourself, do you often choose the same colors or same types of flowers?

That is your Floral DNA at work. 

When buying flowers for someone else, consider their Floral DNA. Your local professional florist can help. Florists are trained to create customized floral gifts, unique to the recipient.

whimsical-fbFirst, consider color. Color, naturally, is the first to catch the eye. What are their favorite colors? What is the occasion for the gift of flowers? Pure colors are bright, happy and casual. Think of the primary colors — red, yellow and blue. They are perfect colors to celebrate happy occasions such as congratulations and happy birthday.

What should the style of the floral gift be? Should it be formal with everything just in the right place or casual?

Size is another consideration. Is the centerpiece for an intimate dinner, a family celebration or a big event? What about fragrance? Does your recipient love delightful fragrances or prefer as little as possible?

Most of these elements you do not think about when you choose flowers for yourself. But when picking flowers for someone else, your florist can help match their Floral DNA with the feeling you want to express. Now you know what your Floral DNA is. Keep it in mind, as flowers are perfect for every occasion.