Wedding Reception — Blumz by…JRDesigns in metro DetroitThe start of 2016 brings weddings that are golden. No, really, GOLDEN! The warm luster of gold is haute in wedding decor, and brides can’t seem to get enough of it. Whether low gold mercury glass bowls of florals or dramatic raised centerpieces on gold pedestals, the golden touch is everywhere.

Along with the gold rush has come a renewed interest in natural garden inspired designs. More prominently used foliage and texture are breathing life into the floral designs. The use of a variety of novelty foliage, herbs, berries and grasses add a lushness to the designs that has been missing in the all-floral arrangements we have been seeing.

Non-matching centerpieces using an assortment of vintage containers ties into the retro/vintage trend that we have been experiencing recently. It will remain strong simply because it is elegant and romantic. Lush, organic and free-form designs are on the upswing breaking the monotony of the compact mounds of previous years and this trend is showing up nationwide.

Wedding Reception — Blumz by…JRDesigns in metro DetroitThe use of props such as lanterns, wooden slabs, picture frames, bottles and jars is still popular, but the inclusion of florals brings life back to the table center. Golden finishes and highlights brighten and add a sense of opulence even to the simplest of glassware and accessories.

While the use of neutrals, blushes, champagne, creams and whites is still strong, pops of color are being added to the mix for interest. The Pantone colors of Rose Quartz & Serenity are sure to be part of the mix this year, though in a more subdued fashion.

With the strong interest in the use of gold and the renewed appreciation for the beauty of foliage, wedding trends in 2016 are sure to delight brides and all who are part of the celebrations.

What favorite trends are you seeing?