Wedding flowers2018 is right around the corner, and if you are planning your wedding (congratulations!), it can be hard to know where to start as the style trends of the new year are beginning to emerge. Have no fear, as this is the year in which you can select a sophisticated and chic look or embrace the unique style of the casual hipster and still be on trend. 2018 is the time to embrace your personal style in making your wedding day simply unforgettable.

Your florist can help you make the day a unique celebration you, your family, and your guests will all remember for years to come. Your florist can help you define your wedding style through color, texture, and design elements. They are your go-to source for what’s on trend, as they are constantly working with brides to deliver a day full of beauty and glamour.

This coming year, wedding gowns seem to have a Mediterranean influence, bearing some skin in a classic way with a Grecian goddess look. Paired with bouquets and arrangements that have a natural, freeform styling, incorporating vines, fruits, and greens, set in formal pedestal vases and against structured patterns, this trend has the opulence of coastal Europe to add to the decadence of the day. 

Also popular in wedding gowns this year are soft beige and nude tones instead of traditional white, giving the overall bridal look a modern edge. This pairs beautifully with traditional floral design and stylings that incorporate the use of browns, greens, and whites to create décor and embellishments that naturally fit into the environment of the wedding day.

Wedding Gowns

Wedding dresses with plunging necklines and corseted backs are also on trend, as are bell sleeves, and capes and caplets done in intricate lace patterns. As these dresses embrace a romantic look, so should the floral design. Flower bouquet with delicate elements in silver against deep velvets and plum tones to create a look fit for royalty, add a shine and feminine flair to the overall wedding look.

The best weddings are the ones that celebrate everything you and your groom are today and everything you hope for the future. Embrace your style. Work with your florist in achieving your “dream” wedding.

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