It’s always fun to relive conversations from a good party, especially ones with a huge turnout. Just two days ago, our Wedding Flowers & Fun Twitter Party was the talk of the Twittersphere. Chatter from the party ranked among the top 10 topics being tweeted (aka “trending” in Twitter-speak) in the country for more than an hour on May 10. During the party, which used the #cleverflowers hashtag, about 250 participants made nearly 2,000 tweets about wedding flower trends, etiquette tips and favorite styles.

It was dizzying watching those tweets streaming live. Now that the party’s over, we’ve had a chance to soak in the comments. What our guests’ tweets reveal are brides enjoy using flowers creatively on their big day, and wedding guests see flowers as a memorable part of the event.

Here are just a few of the comments:

Interactive Flowers

  • @megfowler: “Everyone was asked to bring a flower & lay it on the table in foyer. the bride & maids gathered a bunch and walked on in! #cleverflowers”
  • @laurensgoodies: Love when flower petals are thrown at the bride & groom on the way out!

Floating Flowers

  • @seanm1999: “rose petals floating on water centerpieces with floral arrangements in the middle. provided depth #cleverflowers
  • @summerflood: “I’ve been to a poolside wedding that had flowers floating in the pool. It looked so nice!! #CleverFlowers”

Hanging Flowers

  • @JessSoll: “i love the look of hanging lanterns with flowers – so romantic! #cleverflowers”
  • @MamaSarahJane: “My friend had flowers above the dance floor, it was really pretty! #cleverflowers”

Unexpected Containers

  • DesignsByHolle: “Saw pics of wedding flowers placed in a horse collar #cleverflowers”
  • @MommyBlogExpert: “The most unique/creative use of flowers I’ve ever seen was Calla Lillies in empty green recycled wine bottles! #cleverflowers
  • @xiaolinmama: “I’ve seen flowers arranged in cowboy boots, which I thought was hilarious. #cleverflowers”

Self-Proclaimed Best Floral Advice Received

  • @Citymama: “best advice: don’t skimp on flowers or food! #cleverflowers”
  • @MommyBlogExpert: “Best advice I got for my Wedding Decor was to use FRESH Flowers on our Wedding Cake – Looked beautiful even in the pics #cleverflowers”
  • @ChunkyMonkeyMD: “After the party, donate them to a local hospital or senior citizen center or send them home with guests #cleverflowers”

Our contributing bloggers also tweeted about their favorite wedding flowers.

Relationship expert Christine Arylo shared inspirational advice and cherished experiences. Among tweets from @ChristineArylo:

  • “Gerbers make me smile so big! So when I got married, I gave one to all my guests, in their rooms as surprise. #cleverflowers”
  • “My guy knows that flowers open my heart. When I come home from a trip, flowers are waiting for me. I get flowers. He gets hugs. #cleverflowers”
  • “Men are not mind readers. If you like flowers. Want flowers. Tell him that. Don’t wait for Valentines Day either! #cleverflowers”

Entertaining expert Jeanne Benedict offered creative ideas and pointed out online resources. @JeanneBenedict tweeted:

  • “I tossed a stunt bouquet and kept my bouquet to dress up the wedding night suite! Oh la la #cleverflowers”
  • “Give flower favors to your wedding guests! Match their personality Meaning of Flowers #cleverflowers”
  • “Best advice is to go with the pro – National florist directory #cleverflowers”

Interior decorator Kelli Ellis recommended trusting the professional florist and shared a unique use of flowers she saw at a wedding. Among @designerkelli’s tweets:

  • “Best advice came from my ‘floral artist’, he matched my home decor and my personality (I am a picky designer!) I listened! #cleverflowers”
  • “To me the big picture is most important…the whole event should match…pick florals that match the feel of the venue! #cleverflowers”
  • “Flower covered canopy over the bride and groom…beautiful! #cleverflowers”

Florist J. Robbin Yelverton answered floral etiquette questions and gave advice for the wedding consultation. Some of @BlumzRob’s tweets:

  • “Dress sets the tone, then the flowers create the look, I always take clues from dress. #cleverflowers”
  • “DIY is wonderful if you go that way, but most brides are nervous enough just being a bride. #cleverflowers”
  • “Find a floral professional that you connect with, trust them, keep it simple, stay true to your look and enjoy the day, #cleverflowers”

To those who tweeted during the Wedding Flowers & Fun Twitter Party, thank you for sharing your ideas.

Flowers and your dress are the two things that will be in your pictures and memories for years to come. There are endless opportunities for making flowers part of the wedding. We’d love to hear more. What are some memorable ways you’ve seen flowers used in weddings?