@mondayflowers: Have you seen this rose called Purple Haze? Perfect for weddings. http://tinyurl.com/cycfmq2 #cleverflowers

It’s time to toot our horn: Our Wedding Flowers Twitter Party, which used the #cleverflowers hashtag, was among the top four things being tweeted (aka “trending” in Twitter-speak) in the United States on April 10. More than 2,000 #cleverflowers tweets were made by about 250 participants. Thank you to those who joined in the party.

While the numbers are impressive, we are most excited the party inspired brides. One partygoer, @redinthecity, tweeted: “AHHHHHH!!!! I’m so excited! This will help with wedding planning! Thank you @FlowerFactor #cleverflowers.

You’re welcome.

For those of you who missed it, or whose heads are still spinning from trying to keep up with the tweets yesterday, here are some of the floral trends florists mentioned during the party. They even shared links to amazing floral designs.

Our Wedding Flowers Twitter Party, which used the #cleverflowers hashtag, was among the top four things being tweeted (aka "trending" in Twitter-speak) in the United States on April 10.

Favorite Flowers

  • @BotanicaDesign: Peonies, ranunculus and garden roses are fab #cleverflowers
  • @FlowerSchool: Succulents, peonies, garden roses, just a few of our favorite things! #cleverflowers
  • @mondayflowers: Using Seasonal foliage is a good tip also. http://tinyurl.com/7bs96o5 #cleverflowers

@fdp4life: RT @drdelphinium: When life gives you lemons...make a centerpiece! #cleverflowers http://pic.twitter.com/lFX2p64N

Creative Use of Flowers and Floral Designs

  • @FlowerSchool: Your pro florist can write a story with your flowers…each bloom a special meaning for you. #cleverflowers
  • @BlumzRob: Im having fun w floral fascinators coord w bouquet flowers for brides to wear at reception in place of veil #cleverflowers
  • @schsand: Plan to use bouquets for multi use, have florist recommend vases to use at reception #cleverflowers
  • @BotanicaDesign: I like a boutonniere made completely of foliage with some decorative wire. #cleverflowers
  • @drdelphinium: Want something unique for a bridal bouquet? Try individually wired Hyacinth Blooms. #cleverflowers http://pic.twitter.com/cGnx5qgU

Trendy Wedding Colors

@FlowerSchool: Texture is a key word in wedding flowers. Berries and pods provide in a unique way. #cleverflowers http://twitpic.com/988g8v

  • @drdelphinium: Another popular trend that we are seeing is all White Weddings. And from the looks of this….why not? #cleverflowers http://pic.twitter.com/G7ccQKaR
  • @NorfolkFlorist: Brides love the trendy hot colors of Tangerine, Mango but we are still seeing shades of Purples, Blues and Natural Greens #cleverflowers
  • @BlumzRob: Seeing more use of yellow this year! Bright and beautiful, mixed w black or blues, beautiful! #cleverflowers
  • @BotanicaDesign: We love seeing unusual color families such as corals against teal that set a bride apart but still brings class to the table. #cleverflowers
  • @mondayflowers: Anyone out there like green #wedding bouquets? http://tinyurl.com/6otx7z6 #cleverflowers

@drdelphinium: Preppy is in!! Try Blues and Greens as a color scheme for a unique wedding. #cleverflowers http://pic.twitter.com/HwFdPbr2

Advice for Working with a Wedding Florist

  • @BotanicaDesign: Key element to choosing a florist is to always to make sure to check reputation and education! #cleverflowers
  • @BlumzRob: Treat ur first consultation like a job interview, establish abilities, confirm chemistry, trust the professional, be a team! #cleverflowers
  • @mondayflowers: Being open on your flower selection really helps us keep you to your budget too #cleverflowers

Advice for DIY Brides

  • @BlumzRob: DIY folks, remember, you cant TOTALLY enjoy the parade when youre marching in it! Pick a great florist! #cleverflowers
  • @mondayflowers: It’s hard to be a bride (or groom) and the florist! #cleverflowers
  • @FlowerSchool: If you are thinking DIY, make sure you know what you are getting into. http://floraldesigninstitute.com/page004.11.02.904.67.htm #cleverflowers
  • @KarinsFlorist: Remember, your bridal bouquet will be in your wedding photos! Make sure it’s stunning! #cleverflowers

We hope our Wedding Flowers Twitter Party inspires you to work with your local florist to make your wedding absolutely beautiful and uniquely yours. For more inspiration, follow us on Twitter @FlowerFactor and visit our wedding blog posts, Flickr Gallery, Aboutflowers on Pinterest, and the wedding section on Aboutflowers.com.

Also, if you have not done so already, cast your vote for your favorite “Great Gatsby” inspired bridal bouquet in our VaseOff! Challenge.

What are some special ways you’ve seen flowers used at weddings?