Diva Designer Cakes

A wedding cake with a scattering of rose petals at its base and a cluster of coordinating blooms matching the bride’s flowers on its top tier makes a beautiful its top tier makes a beautiful picture. And there are many more possibilities for decorating wedding cakes with flowers. Florists from all around the world are making bold statements with blossoms on and around cakes in breathtaking fashion.

Picture this: An archway of curly willow sheltering a cake in an arbor-like manner, laden with vines and lavender stock. It would evoke the feeling of a garden trellis heavy with wisteria in full bloom. What a visual dream and fragrant atmosphere this would make.


Or a multi-tiered cake nestled on a tablecloth completely covered with open cabbage roses in the palest shades of pinks. Your florist can actually “sew” these open blooms, one after another” to a coordinating cloth to create the most luxurious cake table that any of your quests have ever seen. What a WOW factor this creates as well as a beautiful photo spot for many pictures at your wedding.

You might even want your florist to create a more “Zen”-like atmosphere with some over-sized manzanita branches with just a few pink cymbidium orchids glued to the armature of branches. When hung above the cake table, it can become the focal point of the room.


Another technique is having a large glass tabletop elevated just a few inches on a series of smaller vases to create an area below the cake that can be filled with a plethora of florals that the cake seems to magically float on for the entire reception. This is a stunning enhancement to any cake.

Talk to your florist about your cake table. Florists have the knowledge and the creativity to transform your cake table into a unique expression of you and your wedding day. It doesn’t get any sweeter than that.

I’d love to hear about the unique floral decorations you’re seeing on wedding cakes. Please describe them here in the comments section.