When one becomes a florist, it is often with the idea of creating beautiful wedding flowers for brides who want to see their wedding dreams come to life. When one becomes a bride-to-be, the first stop isOutdoor Wedding Aisle in Yellow and Red Rose Petals usually online to gather ideas. When the bride-to-be and the florist meet, a fun and engaging relationship starts and it ends happily ever after with a beautiful wedding, featuring a smiling bride in a beautiful dress holding beautiful flowers – an image that will be captured in pictures that will adorn her mantel and her families’ mantels for years to come.

Some brides, however, choose to give it a try on their own. They start their research, get excited about the idea of do-it-yourself wedding flowers and enlist family and bridesmaids to create the floral arrangements right before the big day. They’ll order the wedding flowers online and have them shipped directly to their front door. That’s the easy part. Often they have no idea what is involved with flowers, including taking care of the flowers so they’ll be perfect on the day of the wedding.

Floral Accent for ChairConsider receiving a big box of orange roses in the mail on your doorstep when the temperature is 80+ degrees outside. There is one piece of good news in this scenario, and it’s for the flower girl — those orange blooms will be wide open and all those petals will fall off without any help within 48 hours. Sure, air conditioning can help, but what is really needed is a floral cooler (put them in a house refrigerator and you will learn why this is not a good idea).

I recently worked with a bride who originally planned to do her own wedding flowers. She searched online for ideas and decided on calla lilies, beta fish, silver accents, something different and something simple for her centerpieces. She sourced cylinder vases, silver beads and floating candles, ordered them and had everything Red, Pink & Orange Bouquetshipped to her home. Her research also led her to celosia, red and orange mokara orchids, calla lilies, cymbidium orchids and red roses for her bouquet and ceremony embellishments. She liked the idea of adding an accent of long grass as they were going to the beach for their honeymoon. With her floral list in hand, she began researching online how to make a wedding bouquet. After reviewing pages of results, she reached out for floral design help.

When she came to me for floral design advice, I saw that she was overwhelmed and I offered to take her supplies and create the floral arrangements for her wedding. She hesitated, but quickly changed her mind after I asked a series of questions, including how was she caring for the fish to make sure they still would be swimming in the reception centerpieces. (Yes, florists know how to keep flowers and beta fish alive.) I offered her a quote to design her flowers, and she was surprised it was not that much more than what she had already spent on supplies.

Calla Lily and Beta CenterpiecesI’m honored to say her wedding flowers were stunning, and the fish lived through the reception. And the best part was she could relax and know that it was all taken care of for her.

Brides, if you want a wedding with gorgeous flowers and no stress, do your research, gather ideas and photos and take them to a professional florist.

Based on yours or others’ experiences, do you agree?