Flowers are a main attraction at a wedding. They finish off any venue, add elegance to every table and beautifully accent the bride’s and bridesmaids’ gowns. Boutonnières and corsages will be in all photographs, and flowers for the ceremony and reception will add romance to the background of every photo taken. If you’re planning your wedding, here are a few pointers on wedding flowers.Bouquets

1)       Contract with a professional florist to do your wedding flowers. You really are doing yourself a favor when you hire a professional to bring the beauty of flowers to your special day. Don’t try to make it a DIY project. Think of all of the time and money you have invested in the day. Don’t cheat yourself to try to save a few bucks. Professional florists have seen what works and what doesn’t. Professional florists have the knowledge to order correctly, and time the opening of all the blooms so that they are just perfect on your wedding day. Professional florists will deliver and install the décor so that you don’t have to worry about any of that on your wedding day.

Flower Girl2)       Go with a personal recommendation for your florist. Ask around. Most towns have certain florists that are the “go to” people for weddings. Preparing and designing perfect wedding flowers take quite a bit of dedication and commitment, so you will probably hear a few names mentioned over and over. Go with one of those recommendations, and leave nothing to chance. If you can’t find a recommendation, start with the Society of American Florists’ Florist Directory for florists in your area. Then visit them and ask to see their work. You’ll get a feel for the character and style of the shop and their work. Go with your gut.

3)       Book your florist early. Because wedding flowers are labor intensive and perishable, most florist shops are limited on the number of weddings they can handle on a particular date. Call as soon as you have the date, time and place for your wedding and reception and make arrangements to meet with your florist to lay the groundwork for your wedding flowers. If you already are confident on who you are using, leave a deposit ASAP to secure the date for you.

4)    Ask the pro for advice. While it is always good to do homework and get some kind of idea of what you would like for your wedding, it is advisable to ask your florist for suggestions to make your day even more beautiful. Use their expertise to your advantage. Your florist might have an idea to incorporate an unexpected color that harmonizes your color palette. Your florist might be able to suggest alternative flowers to Cake Flowersachieve the same look on a more modest budget. Your florist will also be glad to suggest design styles and floral combinations that give you a unique “signature” look for your wedding.

5)    Choose some fragrant flowers. The human psyche closely associates flowers and fragrances. Just think of what you see most people do when they get up close to a few blossoms. Use that to your advantage and make sure to have your florist include a few fragrant blooms in all aspects of the wedding flowers. Lighter sweet fragrances like stephanotis, freesia and stock are perfect for corsages and bouquets. They all have pretty fragrances that are not at all overpowering. In large venues or ceremony locations, even a few stems of Oriental lilies can fill the air with a sweet perfume. Others like tuberoses, sweet peas and English Garden Roses bring the outdoors in and are truly a pleasure for the senses.

By following these easy steps, you set the stage for beautiful flowers for your wedding. For more advice, check out the Weddings section on

What questions or advice do you have about planning flowers for your wedding?