Wedding Corsages — Photo Courtesy Fitz DesignWhen planning flowers for their weddings, one of the most overlooked details by brides is the corsage. In years past, the corsage held an important role in weddings, adorning the wrists and shoulders of the mothers of the bride and groom, grandmothers, special guests, even the bride herself could be found wearing a beautiful corsage. With changing traditions and trends, the corsage, which was all but forgotten, is making a comeback. The options for flowers-to-wear for weddings is better and more beautiful than ever.

The traditional wrist corsage can now include keepsake-worthy jewelry made specifically so that your professional florist can easily add the flowers of your choice, which can later be removed, leaving a beautiful bracelet to wear over and over again. 

Flowers with elegant foliage, glistening rhinestones, and everlasting accents give brides and those they are ordering flowers-to-wear for, countless options for creating one of a kind, custom designs.

Wedding Flowers to Wear — Photo Courtesy Suzie Kostick, AIFD, CF, PFCI, Fitz Design

Corsages worn on the shoulder have transformed into floral fashion accessories. More than just a small floral token, floral designers are happy to customize these fabulous floral accessories so that they not only enhance the outfit, but also the wearer.

Wedding Flowers to Wear — Photo Courtesy Suzie Kostick, AIFD, CF, PFCI, Fitz Design

Lightweight chains, colorful feathers, and elegant jewels, paired with magnets create statement pieces that are not only stunning in design but make wearing the corsage comfortable and easy, without tearing into delicate fabrics.

Wedding Flowers to Wear — Photo Courtesy Suzie Kostick, AIFD, CF, PFCI, Fitz Design

Accessorizing with multiple pieces is a trend that is gaining popularity. Much like the bride who will have one gown for the ceremony and another for the reception, having flowers that are changed out to fit the celebration is something worth considering. An extravagant design worn at the hip so it can be seen while walking into the ceremony and in formal portraits is replaced with a floral necklace which still creates a stunning focal point, and allows for more freedom of movement for when the celebration heats up.

Wedding Flowers to Wear — Photo Courtesy Suzie Kostick, AIFD, CF, PFCI, Fitz Design

If smaller, more delicate floral accents are preferred, consider an epaulette-style corsage featuring just a few select blooms. How about accessorizing your accessories? Purses and shoes are a great place to add just a small floral touch which can either be used in addition to the corsage or in place of it.

For the bride who is looking for an alternative to the traditional bouquet or who doesn’t want to carry her bouquet during the reception, a cascading wrist corsage mimics the look of a bouquet but frees up her hands to greet guests and give hugs. This style of flowers-to-wear is also a great choice for the attendants or for a vow renewal ceremony.

Bridal Corsage — Photo Courtesy Corsage Creations

If you’re in the process of preparing for your upcoming nuptials and wonder what flower options are available, be sure to make an appointment with your local professional florist who will be able to guide you through the process and share trends and ideas for your wedding flowers. 

A few tips to help you prepare for your consultation:

  • Call ahead to schedule your appointment.
  • Don’t take too many people with you to your consultation. Two or three in addition to yourself is more than enough to help you make decisions.
  • Create a list of all your floral needs – including all the special guests you will need to order flowers-to-wear for.
  • If possible, check with your special guests for information on what they will be wearing. Ask for styles and colors so you can select the best options available.
  • Check with guests for any floral-related allergies. Keep in mind that there are non-floral options that your florist can use to create something special for guests to wear that will match your flowers and theme.

Keep an open mind and let your florist get creative. You’ll often get a better result if you let the professionals do what they do best  create beautiful floral designs.

What are the favorite flowers-to-wear wedding trends?