Photo Courtesy JMesser Photography

In the wedding market today, we are seeing so many vintage containers come into vogue. Remember eating lunch at your grandmother’s house after church and seeing her milk glass in her curio cabinet? Whether it was a candy dish of colored glass or a jadeite cake stand, we are seeing these vintage items used as flower vessels in vogue!

Before going in search at antique stores or discount markets, be sure to visit with your wedding florist and 1) make sure they don’t already have a nice collection for rent and 2) ask their expert opinion on the number and combination of vessels you will need. Vintage containers can get expensive, so be sure that you don’t go overboard.

Your florist will also be able to suggest the perfect floral combination for your vessels.

Photo Courtesy JMesser Photography

Most commonly used in vintage glass are roses of all sizes and colors. Carnations could be used as well, if you are more of a true “vintage” bride. Whatever the floral combination, your florist will be able to complete the complementary look to create the perfect arrangement in your vintage vessel to add that special personality to your wedding.

Please share comments where you have seen vintage bottles used.