Dress making, cupcake baking, weight loss — there’s a seemingly endless list of vocations and activities to watch “live.” Add a competitive element and the allure is seemingly addictive.

And when it comes to floral design, there is an amazing amount of talent, creativity and passion. We know how much you like Project Runway and other reality shows, so you’ll love our brand new competition featuring flowers and florists called VaseOff! This online series of floral design challenges premieres mid-April and gives you the chance to vote for your favorite florist-designed arrangement.

Our first challenge debuts April 9 with four award-winning floral designers who are ready to push the envelope and create truly innovative arrangements based on a specific yet-to-be-announced design-themed challenge. We’ll post their designs on our blog and invite you to cast your vote for your favorite to help select the winner.

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We’ll have three VaseOff! challenges this year, and we hope all of our VaseOff! challenges inspire you to talk with your local florist to creatively incorporate flowers into your everyday life.

What design challenge would you like to see our contestants create?