When it comes to expressing gratitude, flowers are one of the most meaningful gifts to share with important people in your life when simply saying ‘thank you’ isn’t enough. There is something special about giving a gift of beauty that shows truly how much you care. Flowers are attractive, cheerful and are visibly displayed as a constant reminder of your appreciation. On top of that, Rutgers research proves a gift of flowers creates instant smiles.

The Society of American Florists conducted a poll to find out who Americans believe deserve holiday thanks. Although the survey was conducted a few years ago, the results ring true today. Ranking atop the list of those who deserve end-of-year appreciation, are neighbors. Coming in close behind are teachers, followed by coworkers.

Here are gift recommendations for these generous everyday heroes in our daily lives:

Neighbors. Treat a great neighbor to a tall bouquet of up shooting flowers. You’ll even get to watch their eyes light up as the florist delivery truck pulls up.

Teacher or tutor. Ask your florist for a low clustered arrangement, like this poinsettia in a cube, that a teacher can keep on their desk and still keep an eye on the class. The flowers will elicit smiles for the entire classroom.


Co-workers. Thank an office mate who has been supportive throughout the year with an arrangement of flowers that will brighten up traditionally neutral office walls.


Click here for the complete top 10 list of unsung community heroes who deserve holiday gratitude.

Treat your unsung heroes and loved ones to truly unique gifts — beautiful flowers. Your local professional florist can help.

How are you thanking your heroes?