Sympathy-Tribute-for-a-Horse-Lover---Close-Up--—-By-Dandelions-Flowers-&-Gifts,-LLC,-in-Eugene,-OregonAt some point in all of our lives, we have to face the hardship that accompanies the death of a loved one. Perhaps someone you know is going through this difficult time right now with their family.

The memorial service, funeral, celebration of life, or “goodbye party” as my mother-in-law wished it to be called, is a time to honor and remember an individual and what they mean to others.

Flowers are an integral piece of the memorial process because they have an almost-magical way of conveying emotion that can’t always be expressed in words. Meaning has been associated with flowers and plants for thousands of years, which explains why they have always been present at farewell rituals.

Today, florists are able to incorporate specific flowers or personal items into a custom floral design that can be as unique as the person it represents. It brings personal aspects of an individual’s life into the beautiful floral creation. This can be cathartic for close friends and family, but also shares the history and passion of the individual with others in attendance.

A special hat and lariat might be incorporated to remember a rancher. A fishing pole and lures built into the casket flowers or standing easel for an avid fisherman. Personalizing floral expressions doesn’t just have to be from the family. Members of an organization or society may send their emblem or symbol in floral form to the service as a collective remembrance from the group.

So if you’re searching for a way to highlight a loved one’s personality, hobby or career, let flowers help with the talking. It’s amazing what they can say.

Golf clubs create a base for a natural display of ferns and foliages.


A deconstructed guitar balances this floral tribute for a musician.


A unique floral star keeps in memory an officer of the law.


A favorite book, picture or aspect of a hobby can all be incorporated into a custom floral design.


A horseshoe wreath is made entirely of roses for the family of a thoroughbred-breeder.


How have you remembered a loved one with flowers?