BoutonnièreOne of my favorite elements of a wedding is the groom’s boutonniere. Often shortened to “bout,” or referred to by the British as a “button hole,” it is the one opportunity for the groom to complement his bride with a bit of fresh floral or a unique decorative element.

Symbolic of warding off bad smells, disease and evil spirits, boutonnieres were worn at weddings, but also grew very popular during the 40’s in numerous movies seen on the suits of such famous gents as Cary Grant and Fred Astaire.  Today’s modern groom is open minded and willing to experiment with the contents of his boutonniere, and brides are taking the opportunity to add a little character and detail to be displayed on her groom.

Flat Penny Boutonniere with Curly WillowAmong some of the most unique elements I have used and seen have been butterflies, buttons, cotton, paper cones, wire, and of course some unique textures of fresh flowers and foliage. One of the most unique buttonholes I have ever created I designed for a wedding to be held at one of Birmingham’s local attractions. Vulcan Park is a symbol of Birmingham’s history and sells many, many souvenirs. Among them, I discovered a flat penny machine. Instantly, I knew that I wanted to incorporate one into the groom’s bout. Simply paired with small curly willow, it was the perfect accent and a great piece of memorabilia to have from their wedding day.

Just as the bride’s bouquet is a reflection of her, the boutonniere can play into the personality of the groom.  So have fun with it.  Your florist can use hints you give them to make a bout custom fit for your wedding theme.  Ask them for ideas.

Tell us about unique accents you’ve seen on boutonnieres.