Floral Wall Art 2 of 3We all know what a WOW factor flowers bring to tables. As a florist, I am asked on a daily basis to create beautiful centerpieces for various events. But what I really get a charge out of is creating something for a spot where people really don’t expect to see flowers. In the last year alone, I’ve received more of this type of request than ever before.

Last week, we constructed orbs of flowers and used them to create a visual path from the entry of the wedding venue to the elevators that take guests to the 11th floor ballroom. Inside the elevator, miniature orbs of flowers were suspended at different lengths to complete the look, and large orbs repeated the path from the elevators to the ballroom. Talk about WOW! The guests were talking about the flowers even before they saw the beautiful ballroom filled with thousands of blooms.

Picture this scenario: A beautiful stream in a wooded area with small floral bouquets dotting the various mid stream rocks that just break the surface of the water. What a beautiful background for wedding photos. It may seem like just a simple suggestion, but it is one that can make the world of difference in creating a unique wedding.

OrchidEven in a more sterile setting, unexpected flowers become even more dramatic. For the opening of a new architecture firm, purple phalaenopsis orchids glued onto glass room dividers are a stunning contrast to the aluminum and glass environment. These can transform a workplace into a party venue in minutes.

Try it out for yourself: Attach gerberas in water tubes with some aluminum wire to your door handles, street signs in your neighborhood, even deck posts for a summer BBQ. I promise, people will be talking about the flowers!

Where are some unexpected places you’ve seen flowers, or would like to see them?

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