Ultra Violet BloomsFloral designers everywhere cheered when Pantone named Ultra Violet as its color choice of the year for 2018.  This vibrant shade of purple is readily available in floral varieties of all seasons and price points making it possible for any occasion to be celebrated including this energetic and imaginative hue. For me, violet is quite versatile becoming an imaginative pairing with almost any other hue. With neutrals it is elegant and thoughtful, with more vibrant hues it becomes energetic and festive. Violet is powerful yet spiritual, influential yet mystical allowing its presence in a color palette to influence mood and create an ambiance that is magical.

Nature loves purple. It is powerful on it’s own while at the same time creating either a background or focal point for other hues. 

Tulips, crocus, lilac and anemone give “punch” to a spring garden while asters, statice, Campanula and gladiola balance out the many shades of summer. Along comes fall and richness is added to the autumnal shades of rust and orange when purple dahlias and chrysanthemums enhance the landscape. Deep purple pansies will survive many a cold day even in winter while we can enjoy the african violet plants indoors on our windowsills.

Floral designs throughout the year take advantage of the beautiful violet hued blooms that are available as each season moves from one to another as well. Tulips, iris and hyacinth are our champions for spring then moving into orchids, hydrangea, lisianthus and delphinium fill our vases and containers for summer.  Fall will encourage us to use chrysanthemums, statice and dahlias to give our fall arrangements elegance and dimension while winter gives way to some of our favorite standards blooms such as carnations, alstroemeria and calla lilies that bring that gorgeous ultra-violet hue into our homes and events.

Ultra Violet BloomsUltra Violet is a very popular hue for most consumers. Floral designs that contain purple are frequently requested for almost any occasion and in many cases designs are created with predominantly purple flowers to meet the customers taste. Ultra-Violet can be combined with many tints, tones and shades of purple to create stunning floral designs that appeal to the very trendiest of floral buyers. Orchids, calla lilies, lilac and anemone for the more expensive designs while carnations, alstroemeria, stock and iris make it possible to use this influential and imaginative hue in almost any price-point.

Weddings are no different in their use of ultra-violet to create vibrant and elegant bouquets, ceremony and reception décor.  Sometimes a bride will choose Ultra Violet for her bridesmaid’s gowns and yet other brides will choose another hue for the gowns and choose violet for the bouquets. Ultra Violet can be the “star,” “co-star” or accent of a floral bouquet. As the star, there is almost a mystical elegance to the design; some might use the word “royal” to describe a predominantly purple bouquet as we often associate the color purple with royalty.  As a co-star, purple adds visual weight to the design as well as dimension. I find you can use purple with almost any other hue successfully. Often I will add purple to another color story to give it some “punch” which it does quite well.

There are well over 40 varieties of cut flowers and plants that are available in a true Ultra Violet hue, and an endless amount of blooms that are available in different tints, tones and shades of violet. If you are not already a fan of Ultra Violet give it a try in your next floral bouquet or maybe your next garden planting. Mix textures and shapes to keep your designs interesting and visually pleasing. Ultra Violet flowers are a majestic and enchanting way to enjoy flowers throughout 2018 and beyond.