Are you looking for a way to update your holiday décor? Try adding birds. Decorating with a few of our “fine feathered friends” is an on-trend idea spreading holiday cheer, and your local florist can help “feather your nest.”

Winter Owl  - Photo by Sharon McGukin AAF, AIFD, PFCI

Positioned in real-life poses in pairs or groups, birds add natural flair. Here, the pop of bright green in the birds’ feathers catch the eye and complement the overall color harmony of the arrangement’s greenery.

Holiday Birds  - Photo by Sharon McGukin AAF, AIFD, PFCIAs the saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together,” and these burlap birds are nesting among garland of burlap orbs. The unexpected pop of bright orange is a fun twist to traditional holiday colors and highlights the placement of birds.

Burlap-Holiday Burlap & Birds  - Photo by Sharon McGukin AAF, AIFD, PFCIBirds

Who can overlook the inquisitive Mr. Owl as a wintertime favorite? A decorating secret for using owls realistically is to place them in natural settings surrounded by materials of their habitat, such as branches, twigs, or vines. Lifelike owls look great as the focal point of oversized wreaths, mantelpieces, and large arrangements.

Holiday Owl Wreath  - Photo by Sharon McGukin AAF, AIFD, PFCI

When it comes to decorating with current color trends, beautiful bird plummage helps. The preening peacock struts a popular blue, green, teal and bronze motif to perfection. Using these colors for your décor? Ask your florist to add a few fine feathers from this elegant bird to liven up your holiday decorations.

Holiday Peacocks  - Photo by Sharon McGukin AAF, AIFD, PFCI

Pheasant birds and feathers can be a great addition to traditional reds and greens. The dark colors and rich pattern of a pheasant feather is a perfect juxtaposition to bright, shiny red berries, apples or flowers. The natural lines of feathers accentuate the dull greens and blues-greens of winter foliage and varied shades of brown pods, cones, and twigs.

PheasantHoliday Pheasants  - Photo by Sharon McGukin AAF, AIFD, PFCI

What are your favorite birds for Christmas décor?