“Borrocan Wedding” — Photo Courtesy Accent DecorWhen it comes to inspiration for 2017 weddings, there is one trend that is not just retro but also has a global influence. This growing “Boroccan” trend is the combination of the alternative lifestyle of Bohemian, which has been around for several years, with the rich ornate Moroccan culture. The modern Boho and the retro ’70s influence mix with this romantic Mediterranean culture and creates an explosion of eclectic patterns, textural glass and votive collections that are influenced by the rich vibrant culture of Morocco. 

“Borrocan Wedding” — Photo Courtesy Accent DecorMixed metals, lanterns, candles, ornate wood and tapestries adorn family-style tables with mixed styles of chairs or even low set tables and textural pillows. Both influences are patterned and include tactile materials, where blending is made easy. Add the deep colors of pomegranates and the brightness of kumquats to complete this setting. The rich and vibrant colors of burnt orange, burgundy, golds, coppers and touches of rich blue are prominent throughout this look.

The “Boroccan” bride appears romantic and casual with layers of lace and textural materials. This creative spirit of a bride would carry “mainland exotic” flowers in her bouquet. This would be an assortment of tropical and arid flowers and plant materials combined with typical backyard garden flowers. The loose garden-style bouquets include the mixtures of arid climate succulents and tillandsia combined with tropical anthurium and protea. Lush garden roses, peonies and ranunculus, pepperberries and an interesting variety of foliage like seeded eucalyptus, bay laurel and aralia enhance this unusual mix. Rich colors and interesting textures makes for the wedding to be romantic but allows for freedom and a bit of transient idealism.

Talk to your local professional florist about the “Borrocan” trend and other ways to make your wedding beautiful, special and memorable through flowers.

What do you think of this “Borrocan” look for weddings?