Jump over the goal line with both feet; it’s time to carry on the all American tradition of homecoming. What part makes you smile? Reuniting with family and friends? Cheering on the football team? The parade? The school dance?

Here are a couple ideas for adding flowers to your homecoming festivities guaranteed to make you and your guests smile.

When getting together for college homecomings, friends often bring snacks to share for the pre-game festivities. Class up the tailgate with a floral design in school colors or a football made of flowers placed in the center of the snack table.

Corsages and boutonnières are a must for homecoming dances. Your local florist can customize your flowers to match your attire or give you a touch of school colors. Remember to order school spirited corsages and boutonnières for chaperones, the bandleader, guest speakers and other special guests. And a fun idea for the homecoming King and Queen — scepters decorated with flowers in school colors.

Don’t be shy. Talk to your local professional florist for suggestions to add flowers to your homecoming festivities.