Thanksgiving-Table---Leanne-and-David-Kesler,-Floral-Design-Institute,-IncThe seasons have changed, and it is time to decorate for autumn and Thanksgiving. How do I begin? For me, it is a hands-on, tactile process.  I open the cupboard and pull out all the linens and lay them out. I gather autumn leaves, pods and cones and start playing. A walk through the woods or through the city park will bring inspiration … crimson, orange and golden leaves fallen to the ground … vibrant purple kale and gorgeous green gourds beckon and tease … pumpkins in the traditional orange plus white, peach, coral and green are mounded at the farmers market. There is such a plethora of color in the transitional season of autumn, it is hard to narrow the focus and choose a favorite color scheme.

Autumn 2015 brings an eclectic collection of color palettes to choose from. Each celebrates the season in a unique and beautiful way. Your professional florist has sourced the most fabulous flowers to enhance your home and Thanksgiving table. Flowers, pods, cones, berries and leaves with so many textures and colors. What goes with what? Mix and match — you get to decide.

To make it work fabulously, take a look at your color wheel. Choose a harmony and then gather your treasures. Having trouble deciding? Let me help you decipher the mysteries of color harmony:

Analogous Fire Colors – Adjacent hues of red, orange and gold are the basis for this harmony. Festive pumpkins, feathers, sunflowers, dahlias, Chinese lanterns and vine maple are some of the favorites in the traditional palette.  The excited energy of these colors shout, “look out, autumn is here!”  To be honest, I personally fill my house with the vibrancy of fire colors starting with Labor Day weekend.  The “heat” of autumn color makes the home cozy and warm.


Analogous Water Colors – Moving to the opposite side of the color wheel, the adjacent colors of blues, purples and greens provide a sophisticated palette. Hydrangea, eryngium, viburnum, sedum, cardoon artichokes, succulents, and kale combine in a textural tapestry of the season. This palette, reflecting the stormy sky brings elegant luxury to the home.Succulent-Tapestry— Leanne and David Kesler, Floral Design Institute, Inc., in Portland, OregonMonochromatic Neutrals – Soft and romantic, the muted palette of ivory, peach, brown and sage green create a subtle, contemplative autumn. Roses, leucadendron, pods, sedum, hydrangea, succulents. berries and amaranthus are popular on the market right now.  This softer look soothes the soul.  Add the warmth of candlelight and you are ready to curl up under a blanket with a cup of cocoa and a good book.


Now, it’s your turn. Open your cupboards and see what you’ve collected over the years. Start with a tablecloth, throw pillows and a vase or two. Take a walk and gather new treasures…leaves, pods, cones, branches and moss. Then, stop by the florist and find the perfect flowers to match your favorite color palette. Soon, your home will be ready for Thanksgiving entertaining.