As a floral designer, I spend every day helping make wedding dreams come true. Here is a collection of the top five wedding trends my brides are requesting.

Strong patterns. Whatever the pattern — damask, chevron and stripes — brides are making a statement with style. Patterns are being seen in table linens as well as accent pieces, such as dishes, pops of art or invitation details. Patterns are even popular for groomsmen socks, as they share a bit of style “undercover.”

Metallic. From the strong foundation of silver to mercury glass to a hint of gold, brides are incorporating more metallic into their floral design. Whether the foundation of the vessels or the finishing touches of the boutonnières, a metallic will be present and the perfect answer to unifying the color scheme.

Texture. From the raw touch of burlap and jute to the luxurious feel of velvet and silk, brides are using tidbits of textural accent in all they do. Whether the twine wrap of the invitation or an heirloom handkerchief tied around the bouquet, texture arouses the senses and adds that “perfect touch.”

Personal details. Weddings are becoming a springboard for couples to really use self-expression. Everything from old game trophies as floral vessels to canvas art as guestbook options, brides want to personalize everything they can. Bouquets are being wrapped with monogram hankies, and vows are posted as wall art decoration to add personal flair to that special day.

Unique flowers. An emergence of unique blooms are being requested and shown in single stem status. Collections of floral displays are being used along with prop accents to promote the theme of the day. In today’s modern world, less is more.

Share your story with your local florist and let them assist you in expressing yourself on your big day.

What are some of the new and unique touches you are seeing in weddings this year?