New Year’s Eve is a great time to let loose and let your creative “spirit” come out to party. Here is my top five list of floral ideas for spirited New Year’s Eve soirees.

I love using the date in floral arrangements to celebrate the New Year. Whether spelling out “2013” or “NYE” in flowers or incorporating signage of the date within the floral arrangement, you will surely excite guests.

Mirrored vases are a great way to showcase your favorite flowers and look fancy.  Here we’ve used classic white roses paved with a few Christmas greens to add a bit of “‘Tis the season.”

Incorporating jewels or glittery Christmas balls in vases or in the flowers scream festive and fun. I love using crystal jewels — they’re easy to drop into a glass vase. They sparkle like crazy when they hit the light.

Nothing says celebration better than champagne. So why not use champagne bottles as vases or incorporate corks in the flower arrangements? Adorn them with a few stems of flowers to add some fresh decor to drink tables.

Sparklers are great to use in flower arrangements as accents. Place sparklers in centerpieces and guests can grab the sparklers and light time for the countdown to midnight.  Visit your local florist for even more New Year’s Eve party flower ideas.

What are other fun ways to use flowers in New Year’s Eve party decorations?