A Fishing Floral Fantasy

A Fishing Floral Fantasy

It’s Father’s Day shopping time. Every dad is unique and special. What special gifts have you given your dad over the years?

Have you ever sent flowers? He’ll love them. A behavioral study conducted at Rutgers University shows that men who receive flowers demonstrate increased social interaction and happiness.

If you’re not sure what flowers are right for your dad, check out my Top 5 Floral Gift Suggestions for Father’s Day.

  1. Men prefer vivid colors such as yellow, orange and red.

    Colorful Bouquet.You know the saying “Real Men Wear Pink?” I say, “Real Men Want Flowers!” Flowers encourage happiness and that is what your dad gives to you. Give that happiness back to your dad by sending him a colorful bouquet. The flowers don’t have to be pink. Research shows men prefer vivid colors such as yellow, orange and red.

  2. Hobby Add-On. When your gift of flowers comes with a little something extra, your gesture is that much sweeter. Tell your florist about your dad’s hobby. For a father who likes to fish, create a fishing floral fantasy by adding pieces from your dad’s tackle box, such as fishing lures, bobbers, or even fishing poles. If he is a golfer, tuck in a box of golf balls. If he is into cars, add an auto magazine or two.
  3. Plants. If your dad works in an office, send him a succulent plant or wheat grass. They are so different and trendy, and not typical in workplaces. Send your dad one of these plants, and his colleagues will be impressed. Another impressive plant for dad is an orchid. They are easy to care for and simple enough to be manly.

    Succulent Plants and Wheat Grass

    Succulent Plants and Wheat Grass

  4. Recycled Containers. The latest craze in the eco-friendly market is rolled recycled magazines. These are made into bowls and picture frames. At my shop, we love making gourmet baskets out of these filled with different types of local, homegrown goodies.
  5. Gourmet Gift Basket. Score points by sending your papa a gourmet basket filled with his favorite snacks, such as popcorn, pretzels, cheese and honey-roasted peanuts. Your local florist can give it a hometown spin. Here in Arkansas, we have our famous “Wooo Pig Sooie” basket for Razorback fans.

Rolled recycled magazine bowls and frames

For more advice, see Sending Flowers to a Man and Father’s Day Card Messages When Sending Flowers.

Tell me about the flowers you’ve sent your father and his reaction.