I was sitting outside on my porch just enjoying the autumn weather, and I started daydreaming about all the autumn flowers that me go “Awe!”  Here is my top five list of “Awe”-worthy autumn flowers.

Asiatic Lily

Asiatic lilies are the hardiest of all lily varieties and come in a variety of beautiful colors, but the rust Asiatic lily is my absolute favorite for the season. It adds a nice deep burgundy to floral arrangements, making them rich and inviting.

Sunflowers look so good in fall floral arrangements. I like to add a little wheat and curly willow as an accent, just enough to make the sunflowers shine. Ask your local florist what accents they like to use when designing with sunflowers.

Circus Rose

Circus roses just bring a smile to my face. They have a yellow petal lined with an orange and red colored tip. With their full-headed bloom, they are a great showstopper in bridal bouquets.


Yarrow is a nice golden yellow flower that adds a great accent to any bouquet. They typically aren’t used as the main flower, but they add a great texture to floral arrangements. I like to use them as an element of surprise in arrangements.

Chrysanthemums are a fabulous fall flower that comes in a plethora of varieties. From spider mums to button mums, there are hundreds. Check out Tim Farrell’s blog to see some neat varieties, and be sure to ask your local florist about the varieties they have in store.

What are your favorite fall flowers?