Flower PowerHere are three simple ways on how you can generate more love in your life using the magic of flowers:

  1. LOVE YOURSELF. Stop waiting for somebody else to tell you that you are loved and special – tell yourself. Too often when we think of romance and love, we think we need another person to give that love to us. When then truth is, you have the power to shower love and affection on yourself on a daily basis. And the more love you shower on you, the more you will attract others to do the same.It’s a simple follow-the-leader approach to love. Whether you are single or married, if you show that you love yourself, others will treat you that way too. The self-love dare I am throwing on the table for you is this: Dare to buy yourself a bouquet of flowers, BUT (here’s the daring part) don’t just buy them; actually have them delivered to you, preferably where others will see you receiving them. And when they arrive, you must receive this bouquet of flower love with the same amount of excitement you would have had if they were sent from a boyfriend or girlfriend.
  2. BECOME A LOVE GENERATOR. Spontaneously pick up some flowers — a few stems or an entire bouquet and give this bundle of love to someone. Could be someone you love, a friend at work who needs a smile or even a stranger. Flowers create instant feelings of love. For the person who receives them and for the person that gives them, you become a human love generator and watch the love in your life get a huge boost.
  3. EXUDE LOVE. Become a walking talking embodiment of love by wearing a flower. Choose a flower that represents the emotion and feeling you want to generate to others. Perhaps it’s a rose in your ear to up your sexy factor. Or maybe you are feeling fun and fabulous and a gerbera daisy in your lapel would be the one. Or go exotic and wear a lily in your hair. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion for this love boost. Tuesday is as good a day as any to find a way to wear a beautiful flower.

So your love assignment, should you dare to take it, is to pick ONE of these super simple and fast ways to boost your love, and try it in the next 48 hours. And as you embark on this act of love, notice how your heart opens and how much more love you feel. Then report back to me here, with the results.

I’ll be waiting here with some Mexican Sage in my ear… I’ve wanted to feel spicier lately.