Roses are the most popular flower in the United States and giving roses is a favorite way to say, “I love you.” Last Valentine’s Day, an estimated 250 million roses were produced for the holiday. While red roses are the No. 1 floral gift purchased for Valentine’s Day, there are hundreds of varieties of roses to choose from with many different and exciting characteristics that make each of them unique, such as color, stem length, petal count, and fragrance to name just a few.

Last September during the Society of American Florists’ Outstanding Flower Varieties Competition, there were 67 types of roses showcased. Here is a look at the three roses that earned Best in Class recognition. This is the final chapter in a three-part series.

Best Standard Rose: If you’re a classic romantic, you can’t help falling in love with ‘Black Pearl’. No, this is not Johnny Depp’s ship in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. This ‘Black Pearl’ is a sophisticated rose with smooth, velvety crimson petals and can bloom for up to 2 weeks.

Black Pearl

Best Garden Rose: Want your wedding to feel warm and romantic? Consider soft peach hues for your wedding palette. Then set your eyes on sweet ‘Juliet’. This gorgeous garden rose has ruffled petals and would make an enchanting bridal bouquet.

Juliet Garden Rose

Best Spray Rose: ‘Brilliant Stars Yellow’ will make you smile. Its bright sunny blooms exude happiness. Each stem holds six to nine flowers. Wow is right!

Brilliant Stars Yellow Spray Rose

These are just three of the hundreds of varieties of roses available today, and florists’ coolers are stocked with more choices than ever before. Ask your florist about the roses they carry.

What characteristics do you look for in roses when buying them for yourself or someone special?

This is the third in a three-part series.

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