It’s your best friend’s birthday, your little sister’s graduation, or your parent’s anniversary, and you want to reach out to show you care, to celebrate and connect with the people you love.

You’ve got choices, lots of them, in how you choose to deliver your love. First, of course, is the message, “What will you say?” But just as important, and often overlooked, is the vehicle you choose to send your message. How you send your words says more than you realize.Flower Power

Stop for a moment and do a self-check. When it comes to acknowledging, honoring or celebrating a person you love, do you:

A. Send cyber love? Do you zip off a Facebook message, send an email or send a “virtual” gift?

B. Send audio love? Do you pick up the phone, call and talk live or leave a voicemail?

C. Send physical love? Do you send a tangible memento that reflects your affection?

D. All three.

Give the answer that reflects the action you actually take — not the one wish you did, or you think about, but the one looking back in the past year you chose most often.

Next question: If your goal is to give the most love possible, what’s the best choice?

The answer of course is D — all three.

Facebook is nice.  It’s like a love tickle.

A phone call takes the intimacy deeper, and often when we live apart — down the street or across the world — it’s the option most of us choose. We get on the phone, love is exchanged, and for a while love lingers even after we hang up. It’s like a love hug.

Sending something tangible, however, can be felt and seen for days and becomes a constant reminder of the bond you two share. Every time the person you are honoring sees it, they think of you. And, if you choose something that has extra love power built in, they’ll be able to feel the love you have for them, even when you are no longer with them. It’s like an intimate, yummy, hand-holding love walk that goes on for miles.

I myself am a big fan of the “trifecta of love” when it comes to loving the people in my life. And, as a woman with lots to do on any given day, I am also into simple love-generating solutions that fit into my schedule with ease, and that pack the power of big love. I want both. So while I’d love to spend hours shopping for that ‘perfect’ gift, the reality is, I don’t always have the time to search high and low for such perfection. I really just want to send love that lasts.

One of the best choices I’ve found is flowers. It is a proven fact that flowers create an emotional response akin to what we experience when we interact with babies and animals. Pure love. Flowers pack the power to open hearts, instantly. And you have this power at your fingertips. With one phone call to a local florist and an explanation of the message you want to send, PRESTO! Love gets generated – for the person receiving the flowers, but also for you when they call you gushing with love to say thanks!

Try the trifecta of love yourself next time you have the occasion to honor the person you love.