When I received my gorgeous “Lemonesque” flower arrangement as a participant in the Surprise Flowers VaseOff! Challenge, I was completely blown away. Not only was it the loveliest flower arrangement I’d ever received, it was also very obviously inspired by my taste and design aesthetic, which made it even more wonderful.

Walter, the florist who designed it, did a perfect job capturing my style and personality through his research of my blog and Pinterest boards. The yellow and gray colors, the bits of nature and earthiness, the sunflowers, the lemons, and the lemon balm (Melissa) plant were all me to a tee.

It was truly a magical gift, and I was thrilled to be able to display it in my home. The Melissa plant is still growing, and every time I look at it, I remember how it felt to receive something so special!

Melissa Baswell Williams is a Chicago-based sustainable fashion designer, art print/card designer, and the blogger behind Bubby and Bean: Living Creatively.