The flower of the summer in my heart is a rose, and June is National Rose Month. A fun way to pick a color of rose is by the type of summer you are having.

If you are having a romantic, energetic, or passionate summer, then a red rose, like this one called “Freedom,” is the rose for you.


This lavender rose named “Coolwater” is perfect for you if you have had a recent love at first sight or have recently been charmed by a lucky someone.


White roses are a symbol of purity, humility, faithfulness and innocence. This “Polar Star” rose would be just the type of rose to represent your pure summer.


If you would like to send a bouquet to congratulate a summer graduate for landing their first job, then this “Showtime Yellow Moon” rose is the one for you. Yellow is the color for congratulations, gladness, joy and friendship.


If you have a secret crush, then this “Voodoo Orange” rose is the color you should be putting in your flower cart.


Ask your local florist about the colors of roses that send the right message for you.