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  • INSPIRATION. Begin with Inspiration. Don’t start with how many flowers or what kind of flowers, start with your heart, where inspiration lives, ensuring that the flowers you choose will invoke the feelings of love and whatever else you are going for. Ask yourself, “What are the emotions I want to create and call in during in our ceremony, in myself, my man and for my guests.?” And then ask, “What is the overall essence I want to invoke?” Use these words to guide your choices along the way.
  • IDEAS. Solicit ideas not opinions. Seek out experts and gather their wisdom and creative ideas, but leave the opinions of everyone from your mother to your neighbor behind. For example, your florist will know flowers you’ve never heard of, your wedding planner will have ideas on creative ways to add flair and heart, and entertainment experts (like my fellow blogger Jeanne Benedict) will have tons of ideas you never dreamed of. Use all of these ideas to eventually inform YOUR decision, not become your gospel to live by. Others ideas can add to your inspiration but can never substitute for your own inner knowing of what is truly right for you.
  • INTUITION. Trust yourself, first and always. A woman’s true B.F.F. is that inner knowing about what is right for her, and your Intuition can be a savior in helping you make the decisions that are going to make you and your guy the happiest. There will be people along the way telling you what you ‘should do’ or ‘must do’. In these instances, politely say “Thank you” and then disregard everything they said! LOL. Seriously, throughout your entire decision making process, take moments to get quiet, breathe and ask your Intuition for her thoughts. You’ll be delighted by her choices – they always have what is best for you in mind, you just have to slow down long enough to hear her.
  • INFORMATION from “I” Number Two. The way you do your engagement and your wedding is how you will do your marriage, so start this off on a good foot. Do be considerate about including your mate and his feelings and preferences into your choice for flowers. Don’t go to him with the question, “What kind of flowers do you want?” and expect anything other than a fight. Instead get curious about what is Important to him. Ask him, ‘Is there anyone important to you that you want to specially recognize with flowers?’ or ‘What is or isn’t important to you about the flowers, as in what would you hate and what do you care about?”
  • WHAT DO I WANT? After all that inspiration, idea gathering, intuition listening, and information solicitation, it’s time to get down to basics to focus on the last I – yourself. Ask yourself the very simple question, “What is it that I truly want? How do I want to use flowers to open hearts, add our personal flair and express emotions and love?” Then do that. And have fun!

So, how are you planning on incorporating the 5 “I’s?” Share your ideas in the comments.

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