Administrative Professionals Week — Photo Courtesy Carolyn Minutillo AIFD, EMC, PFCI, of Lavender Hill LLC in Jeffersonville, IndianaEveryone appreciates being acknowledged for doing a good job at work.

It’s even more awesome when going above and beyond are rewarded with a lovely surprise, especially during Administrative Professionals Week, which this year is April 22 – 26, 2019.

The International Association of Administrative Professionals has honored office workers by sponsoring Administrative Professionals Week since 1952. Each year, administrative professionals are recognized for their skills and loyalty, attributes every office depends upon.

If the honor of sending a gift falls on your watch, you’re in luck. Here are a few tips for sending the perfect gift of appreciation. 

If your choice is flowers — always a perfect choice, and you’re not sure on a favorite color — consider the recipient’s wardrobe. Sounds strange but chances are, they lean toward colors they wear often. Flowers are beautiful in every shade, and the flower shop you call can suggest the best blooms available based on your color request.

Administrative Professionals Week FlowersSharing a few details like color, level of fragrance, large or smaller scale design preference, will help the florist suggest the perfect gift.

Sending flowers allows the recipient to enjoy the visual beauty of the bloom and it will enhance the atmosphere of the space.

Research from Texas A&M University reveals that flowers and plants naturally lift moods, boost workplace productivity, and enhance creative thinking — all beneficial to any company or organization.

Sending a gift of bright spring blooms like tulips or daffodils will bring the outdoors into the office. Your arrangement will give the recipient days of enjoyment, and they can replant those bulbs and enjoy them again next spring.

If they’re a plant lover, you’re in luck. Plants are definitely on trend and you’ll have quite a few varieties to choose from.

Green leafy plants are pretty and they enhance the office environmentally. They help clean the air of impurities, and many plants can thrive in low-light office environments. Some low-light plant options include: bromeliads, dragon tree, and dieffenbachia.

Administrative Professionals Week PlantsFor plants options with minimal care requirements, consider succulents or air plants; both are perfect choices for a busy office setting. They offer great texture, unique shapes and need minimal watering and maintenance.

With many offices hosting celebratory lunches for Administrative Professionals Week, remember the personal touch of sending flowers. It is a thoughtful gesture, sure to brighten everyone’s day.