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Winter means cold. Bring a little of the outdoors indoors, and warm up your home with plants. It’s time to plant your terrarium.

I have always been intrigued by these interesting little worlds of wonder. I love watching the progression of these little plants prosper in some of the coolest containers. Picking and choosing the plants and container is one of my favorite parts of making a terrarium.

It’s easy to create a terrarium. All it takes are eight quick and easy steps:

1.     Select your container. Wide-mouthed clear glass containers are the best choice.

2.     Select your plants. Choose plants that require the same amount of light, humidity and temperature. Consider creating a terrarium of air plants. Or succulents, cactus, herbs or ivy.

3.     Create a drainage layer using vase filler such as rocks, pebbles or sand at least 1-inch deep depending on the container.

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4.     Add a thin layer of activated charcoal to eliminate the scent of sitting water.

5.     Add sphagnum moss (peat moss) to help keep the soil from invading the drainage layer.

6.     Add a layer of soil enough to enclose the roots of your plants. Normal soil is acceptable or you can purchase specialty terrarium soil.

7.     Add your plants.

8.     Moisten the soil, and watch your little plant garden grow.

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The items needed to create your terrarium are available at your local florist or garden center. Your local florist also will be able to create a terrarium for you or for the perfect gift.

For more information on terrariums, read Terrariums: A Nostalgic Reminder of the ’70s.

What plants and containers have you used in your terrariums?