Wow! Has anyone else seen the resurgence in terrariums? Long thought an extinct art of floristry, terrariums have made a comeback after more than 30 years. While working at the Philadelphia Flower show this year, I saw a vendor with a few terrariums on display and I thought, “why not try them in my shop?”  There has always been something about these miniature gardens that has intrigued me. Maybe it is because they are contained; maybe it is because of the contrasting elements of the organic soil, pebbles and plants paired with the clear beautiful glass. But something about terrariums has always caught my attention.

TerrariumSo, I was on a mission. I sought out varied glass containers, looking especially for those that would lend themselves to a miniature landscape within. I contacted my local wholesaler who procured an assortment of miniature African violets and miniature fern plants. I found a great source for beautifully colored river rocks and pebbles to not only promote good drainage, but also add a textural interest to these treasure gardens. The piece d’ la resistance was finding miniature garden furniture, birdbaths and accent pieces to bring a sense of novelty and “got-to-have-one” look to each terrarium.

TerrariumAfter just a little time in the design room, our collection of terrariums was put out on display. I was thrilled to see that our customers received them well. Every size we created was a hit. The smaller pieces seemed to be perfect for gifting as an accent for a desk at work or an end table in the home. Larger designs were for customers searching for “something different” and had just the perfect spot for them in their homes.

Terrariums are treasures and draw attention from friends —  a nostalgic reminder of life in the ’70s. You will enjoy imagining yourself taking a stroll through that miniature garden; it’s like bringing a little piece of Mother Nature right into your home. Do you like what you see? Ask your florist if they can make one just for you.

What do you think of terrariums as gifts? What elements would you like to see in a terrarium personalized just for you?