Teacup with Garden Flowers

Teacup with pink roses, stock, ivy geranium, kalanchoe, variegated ivy and Martha Washington geraniums.

Spring, friends, flowers, yummy treats, and sipping a master brewed cup of tea… sounds lovely. Have you been invited to a tea or have you thought of hosting one? The Tea Party trend is becoming popular with women who seek an informal way to get together in an atmosphere that is casual, and special, at the same time.

The hectic pace of life has become the norm, and many seek refuge where time can be spent at a slower pace. Invite a friend to have a cup of tea at your kitchen table, make some simple sandwiches or nibble on special cookies from the new bakery down the street. Just taking time for you and special friends balance to life.

As a floral designer I have been asked to create floral designs for tea parties many times. It is fun to work with the clients and hear the history of special teacups they are using. Sometimes the cups belonged to a beloved aunt or grandmother, and sometimes they were a great find at an antique store. History of the cups along with their decorations holds clues when choosing which flowers to use for the teacup floral design.  Look at the cup and notice the colors used to decorate it.  Is there a motif or pattern such as fruit, shells, or a particular flower? I use these clues when selecting flowers for the design.

If you enjoy arranging flowers, and would like to try one of these designs yourself, here are easy teacup design instructions:

  1. Choose a pretty teacup with a matching saucer
  2. Take notice of the colors and patterns in the cup
  3. Fill the cup ½ way with a solution of water and floral food (mix according to package directions brands vary)
  4. Begin the design by cutting flowers one at a time and placing them in the cup so they extend just over the rim
  5. With each flower added, a grid is created by the crossed stems
  6. When the rim is covered with a ring of flowers start a second row where the flowers are a little more upright
  7. Finish by placing the last flowers in the top of the design to fill any holes
  8. Accent the flowers with a couple stems of ivy
  9. Place the teacup on a saucer and enjoy the flowers with your tea

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Teacup Alstroemeria

This Teacup was one of my grandmothers. It was made in “occupied” Japan in the 1940’s. It is hand painted and I just love the color! Simply filled with alstroemeria blossoms, it is a perfect accompaniment to a nice cup of jasmine tea.

Teacup Violets

This one is a demitasse cup with a small violet planted into it. These make great favors.

If you are planning a shower, or a larger party at work, your local florist can create these delightful teacup arrangements too.

Tell us about your tea party.