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Sure-to-Please Christmas Gift Ideas

by Shelby Shy on December 19, 2015 at 8:26 am

White Centerpiece —Shirley's Flowers & Gifts, Inc., in Rogers, Ark.Create happiness for yourself and others this holiday season with festive gifts from your neighborhood florist. The bells have been ringing and jingling in our flower shop and I’m excited to show you the top Christmas décor and gift ideas we have been seeing.

My favorite thing to do this year for Christmas décor is hanging floral installations!  In this seating area, we created an armature out of birch branches and hung silver dusted pinecones, icicle ornaments and fresh white calla lilies from it. It’s a perfect way to make a real statement at your next gathering. Read More

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Holiday Memories and Poinsettias

by Brian Wheat on December 15, 2015 at 7:56 am

IMG_0717As the holidays approach we start thinking of decorating, not only the outside of our homes, but the interior as well. The tradition of reds and greens, accented with gold and silver, bring back fond memories of Christmases past and the excitement of making new ones. Growing up in Central Illinois on a farm, we always had a seven-foot fresh-cut fragrant pine with big multi-colored bulbs. We adorned our tree with lots of handmade ornaments, a few store bought glass ones, popcorn strings, colorful paper chains, and tinsel — lots of shiny silver tinsel. My Mom would hang a nice fresh wreath on the front door, and garland on the stair banister. And there were always red poinsettias.

On the red and white checkered tablecloth that covered the kitchen table, there was always a welcoming treat of mixed nuts in the shell — walnuts, almonds, hazelnut and Brazil nuts — in a festive bowl, accompanied with an old-school steel nutcracker to wrestle them open. Peppermint candy canes and old-fashioned mixed hard candy were a daily holiday treat. The smells of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie and cherry cobbler wafted throughout the old farm house. It was almost like a Norman Rockwell scene waiting to be painted. I remember those days fondly, as a child, with my four brothers and sisters anticipating the arrival of Santa.

Okay, enough childhood memories of the sixties and my Mom’s red poinsettias. Fast forward 50-plus years, to my poinsettias of today: New shades, styles and textures of Christmases to come. Read More

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Flowers for Chanukah

by Stephen Rittner on December 5, 2015 at 8:45 am

Chanukah1.—The Rittners School of Floral Design, BostonChanukah is not the “Jewish Christmas.” It is a holiday that celebrates the successful conclusion of the Jews’ struggle for religious freedom in a Hellenistic world.

Chanukah is not a major Jewish holiday but has become very popular because it usually occurs during the winter holiday season.

It is a holiday that is quite easy to translate into floral art through the use of color and symbolism.

Blue and White

To celebrate Chanukah with flowers, ask your florist for a flower arrangement in blue and white.

Why blue and white? Traditionally Jewish prayer shawls are white with blue (or black stripes). The blue and white combination, which also inspired the national colors of Israel, works very well in florals.

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