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Veterans Day is a time to honor all those who have served, whether in wartime or in peacetime, as well as those members of the military that are currently in service. This day is to acknowledge their contributions, dedication, and sacrifices they have made for our great country. Here are some ideas of how you can show your appreciation to our veterans:

To remember a veteran that has passed, you could place a floral arrangement next to their grave. Grave cones are containers that are designed to stick into the ground. Check the cemetery’s ground rules regarding floral decorations.

Veterans Day Flowers - Photo courtesy Lynne Tischler, AAF, CPFD, PFCI, with Jessie Thompson and Stacey Kreitzer of Your Enchanted Florist in St. Paul, Read More

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BuddyPoppy— Lafayette Florist, Gift Shop & Garden Center in Lafayette, ColoradoAs a Veteran and as the son of a Veteran, I want to share a story and journey about a flower that means a lot to me. It’s the story of a simple small red flower, a poppy known as Buddy Poppy.

It all started in war-devastated France in World War I. The red poppy growing in Flanders Fields memorialized the deaths of American and Allied soldiers. Madame Anna E Guérin, founder of the American and French Children’s League, spoke at servicemen’s organizations and always requested the same thing: Please, whenever possible, wear a silk red poppy flower to honor the fallen.

In April of 1919, the “Poppy Lady,” as she was now known, arrived in the United States. She turned to the VFW in May 1922, and they conducted the first nationwide distribution of the poppies. In August 1922, they adopted the poppy as the official memorial flower of the VFW. The need for more poppies to distribute in 1923 started a business in which disabled and needy American veterans made and assembled the poppies in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In remembrance of their buddies who never came back from the war, they started calling them, “Buddy Poppy” and the name stuck. Read More