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Summer is here, and the water cooler is buzzing with vacation stories. Relive your favorite destinations with flowers and plants. Harvard research shows having flowers in the home is good for emotional health, and Texas A&M research demonstrates flowers and plants make us work smarter. Here, I’ll share with you how flowers remind two good friends of their travels and creative ways to use flowers for your own getaway.

For spring break, my friend and her husband had a delightful holiday golfing in Phoenix. After returning home, my friend wanted to send her husband a surprise gift at work. She told her florist about the trip, and the florist custom designed the perfect floral arrangement. It had sand at the bottom of a clear vase, a layer of colored golf tees, a layer of colored golf balls, a layer of ‘Green Trick’ dianthus as turf and a ball of white carnations on top. When my friend saw it, she liked it so much she called the florist and sent one to herself.

Golf — Ardith Beveridge, AAF, AIFD, PFCI, CAFA

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Father’s Day Flowers

by Lisa Greene on June 11, 2014 at 8:12 am

Duck Dynasty - Lisa Greene, AAF, AIFD, PFCICan you believe it is almost summer time? Ah, summer, with weather warm to sink our toes in the sand while reading the latest best seller. Before hitting the beach, there is an item on your to-do list: Get dad a gift for Father’s Day. Believe it or not, your local florist may have the best gift.

Research from Rutgers University proves the presence of flowers triggers happy emotions, heightens feelings of life satisfaction and affects social behavior in a positive manner far beyond what is normally believed. Yes, flowers make dads happy. Read More

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Flowers Make Any Day Special

by Ardith Beveridge on August 23, 2013 at 8:13 am

Make Any Day SpecialFor years, every Tuesday, Kay at the local flower shop delivered flowers to my mom and stepfather. Kay would go right inside and set the flowers on the table and take the previous week’s vase and flowers. I used to include a card with each bouquet, but after 10 years, I assumed they knew the flowers were from me.

While visiting my mom one day, we saw Kay and the flower van out on a delivery. Mom said to me, “Kay is so nice.” I agreed. Then my mom said, “You know, she brings me flowers every Tuesday.” Guess she thought that I had stopped sending them because there was no card from me. I said, “Kay is nice, but I am even nicer; I am the one who pays for them.” She smiled and thanked me. She said she and my stepfather loved the weekly flowers, talked about them, and when guests came over, they sent some flowers home with them. Read More

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5 Tips for Father’s Day Flowers

by J. Robbin Yelverton on June 11, 2013 at 12:27 pm
Father’s Day Flowers by Blumz by JRDesigns in metro DetroitFathersDay-Robbin

This arrangement features vivid yellows, greens and whites with a keepsake dress tie in coordinating colors. The use of the exotic pincushion, bold fatsia leaf and unique blue eryngium thistle adds a distinctly masculine touch. Bells of Ireland add height and hydrangea lends its visual volume to help balance that height. — Photo Courtesy Blumz by JRDesigns in metro Detroit

Papa, Father, Padre, Pop, Dad … whatever name they go by, when it comes time to think of gifts for them, thoughts generally run the gamut of he-man tokens — rarely flowers. But yes Virginia, REAL men love flowers, too. They may sometimes act like they don’t, but that’s just dad following the rules laid out in the Old School Testosterone Playbook. The same playbook that says men don’t cry and shouldn’t wear pink. But trust me, it’s a fact backed up by actual research, men like flowers.

My dad gave me grief for the longest time when I announced that I was going to go to college to study plants and flowers. You see, my dad worked for the railroad; a brakeman hanging on the side of boxcars, switching the tracks, chewing tobacco and wearing cowboy boots. A REAL man. Playing with flowers was for sissies. But guess what that very same man did when he retired — he started playing with flowers. Daylilies to be exact, but flowers none the less. The truth was out: REAL men do love flowers.

Don’t be afraid to send dad flowers or a blooming plant. But when you do, give a nod to the Old School Testosterone PlayBook and keep these tips in mind: Read More

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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Man

by Shelby Shy on February 7, 2013 at 9:27 am

Sporty Floral Arrangement - include tickets to a game.

We can all admit that Valentine’s Day is typically about pleasing the woman in the relationship. Why not switch things up and focus on your man. He deserves to feel special. Not sure what to send your man? Men love flowers and plants, and more than a third of women buy their husbands floral gifts for Valentine’s Day. Trust me, you’ll knock his socks off this Feb. 14 with one of these four floral gifts.

Sporty Floral Arrangements. Ask the florist to create a floral design that incorporates your man’s favorite team’s colors and includes baseballs, footballs or a catcher’s mitt. The container could be a sports team cup. Throw your guy a curveball by sending the flowers to his office with tickets to his team’s next big game. Read More