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Cinco de Mayo Parties

by Ardith Beveridge on April 30, 2015 at 2:37 pm

CincoDeMayo-CloseUp-ArdithBeveridgeWhen the word “fiesta” is heard, we all think party. The king of the fiesta is Cinco de Mayo.

Cinco de Mayo — or the fifth of May — commemorates the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. A relatively minor holiday in Mexico, in the United States, however, Cinco de Mayo has evolved into a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage, particularly in areas with large Mexican-American populations. Cinco de Mayo celebrations include parades, mariachi performances and street festivals. The occasion is a delightful expression with color, music, food, and traditional costumes of the Mexican culture.

If you’re planning a Cinco de Mayo party, the first thoughts are food and decor. Let me help you with the decorating with these simple tips. Read More

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Festive St. Patrick’s Day Flowers

by Leanne Kesler on March 11, 2015 at 12:22 pm

On St. Patrick’s Day, the world turns green. Or, white or even a bit of gray. Winter 2015 just won’t go away. March and snowstorms? Say it isn’t so! Time to bring on the green of spring even if Mother Nature is not completely on board. As my mother always said, “Fake it ’till you make it!” March 17, just days before the first day of spring, gives us the opportunity to dream of the bright colors and green leaves to come. St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday to brighten the winter weary soul.

Our friends in Chicago know how to celebrate big. Forty-five pounds (yes, 45!) of green vegetable dye is dumped into the Chicago River  turning it vivid green between Columbus and Wacker Drives. Oh, what a sight to see! After the river festivities, revelers party throughout the day and into the night. Everywhere you go, the iconic shamrock will be found.

Tucked into a ruffled cluster of green variegated ranunculus, the shamrock shouts out, “I’m ready to join the fun!” A bouquet is an easy way to share the merriment with friends.


Read More

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FB-Winter-SparkleIt’s time to celebrate, and say goodbye to 2014, and hello to 2015.

For many (me included), the celebration will be cozy and intimate, an evening at home with dear friends. This can be far more fun than attending a big gala. The New Year’s Eve party scene just doesn’t appeal to everyone. A home-based celebration? Now, that sounds fabulous. First step, call and invite those most dear to you.

Next, fill the house with flowers. Once the excitement of Christmas has past and the tree is down, the house can look a little bare and drab. Thank goodness there are so many fabulous early blooming spring flowers available in the dark days of winter. A vase of flowers reminds us that spring will come soon, and they brighten even the darkest day. A house filled with flowers is good for the soul; in fact, Harvard research proves living with flowers is good for our well being. Read More

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Blumz-Mantle2-fbWhat would the holiday season be without decorations? Well, it would probably look like just another day — and how festive is that?

This winter holiday season, relax and keep your decor simple. Whether it’s a table or a mantle, remember these points:

  1. Theme
  2. Focal Item(s)
  3. Line
  4. Light Source
  5. Accent


The theme gives you a look or idea to build a display around. The list is endless. Evaluate your setting, and take into consideration what will blend or work with that style. In a formal living room, a theme that picks up the formality is best. Consider a theme with no more than one or two colors that coordinate with the surroundings. Read More

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Simplify Thanksgiving with the 4 Fs

by Leanne Kesler on November 20, 2014 at 8:44 am

fallleavesAcross the country, the temperature has plummeted. Colorful leaves litter the ground, and the sound of Christmas carols fill the stores. STOP! Don’t fast forward to December quite yet. Let’s keep the focus on cinnamon spice, apple cider, candlelight, knitted scarves and cozy visits with family and friends. It truly is best to prepare and enjoy one holiday at a time. November brings us Thanksgiving — the perfect holiday to gather together and celebrate the abundant blessings in our lives.

With the busy frenzy of life, preparing for Thanksgiving can seem daunting. It’s not. The perfect holiday takes just four things. Yes, just four. Narrowed down, that makes it super easy to fit into your schedule. What, you ask are the four things? Pour yourself a cup of hot cider, sit down and I’ll share my tips for a successful Thanksgiving holiday. It’s ok, I’ll wait — go get yourself a cup of hot cider.

Thanksgiving requirements, listed in order of importance:

  1. Family. Surround yourself with “your people” and everything else will fall into place. With technology, geography does not have to limit your options. Set a place for grandma and include her in the festivities via Skype. Children grown up and moved across the country are just as close as the iPhone. Gathering family from various time zones can add a bit of fun to the day. One tip for the “world-wide bunch,” be sure to designate the time zone you will be using as you schedule your virtual guests.
  2. Friends. Expand your family with special friends. Thanksgiving dinner can easily accommodate more guests. Not sure if you should invite someone? Do it. They’ll be grateful for the invitation, and you’ll be happy you did. Promise. In fact, one more person (or two or three or more) can change the family dynamics and reduce the emotional drama of “family.” Yes, we all have a dreaded and difficult loved one. Change the attention to the new guest, and experience the wonder of a happy holiday.
  3. Flowers. What is the main difference between eating and dining? It’s the flowers. Anytime you add the beautiful touch of flowers, everything becomes more special. Even the simplest meal can become a feast. For the centerpiece, the iconic cornucopia can be done in a traditional or contemporary style. Which one will match your personal style the best?
    A place setting with each person’s name will make guests feel extra special. Mini flowerpots make beautiful festive place settings. Have a couple extra on hand to recognize last minute guests. You can easily add their name to the flowerpots with a felt tip marker. My personal favorites are the metallic pens in gold and silver.Mum-Placecards-FDI-KeslerIf you are the invited guest, bring flowers to the hostess as a thank-you gift. That will ensure you’ll be invited back again. Something tall and simple with a little creative flair — your florist can create the perfect design. Read More