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How do you keep your flowers fresh? We have all heard the folklore as well as my Grandma’s resolute instructions: a little bleach, a touch of vinegar, a splash of vodka. Add some sugar or 7-UP, aspirin, vitamin C, Listerine, and pennies, too. What works, what doesn’t, will it make a difference and will it harm my flowers?

Many home remedies have a thread of truth as their basis. Bleach, vinegar, vodka, hydrogen peroxide and Listerine are antibacterial agents. They work to keep the water clear and clean to allow the flowers to drink and rehydrate fully without clogging from bacteria. Sugar, 7-UP and Listerine have sugars that “feed” the flower as it drinks the water mixture. Lemon juice, vitamin C and aspirin are wetting agents (acidifiers). They lower the ph of the water so the flower will drink more rapidly. Read More

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Tender Loving Care for Roses

by Jennifer Sparks on June 25, 2011 at 12:14 pm

We like to share great tips on this blog so, in honor of National Rose Month, we found this video of SAF member florist Chris Drummond of Plaza Flowers in Philadelphia. Chris shares easy tips on caring for the abundance of roses that are available during the summer. Take a look!

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Summer really IS the best time to stop and smell the roses. Call your local florist and get some today! And see here how you can use roses and other flowers to put the red, white, and bloom into your 4th of July gathering.

Tell us, what is your favorite rose color or variety?