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Tulips and Me: Shall We Dance?

by Carol Caggiano on April 28, 2012 at 1:32 pm
Happy Easter Everyone!

Photo Courtesy: Striking Photography by Bo

I love tulips. There is something about them that is so endearing. The way they “dance” is so fun and flirty. Never staying still, they constantly move around searching for light. Their blooms open wide in the day and close up at night. Not even content with their cut length, they continue to stretch and grow. Elongating stems extend further and further as their days in the vase move forward. Sometimes a frustration for floral designers, these animated blooms definitely “do their own thing.”

Many are bothered by the “stretching” nature of the tulip. They grow out of their bouquets and often their vases as well. It can be frustrating to arrange your flowers and then come back the next day to tulips that grow away from the other flowers, or if alone in the vase have extended past and even drooping over the container that holds them. It’s like containing a wild animal; they just don’t listen and want to be free. Read More

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Easter TulipsGrowing up, Easter meant going shopping and buying new everything — dress, shoes, hat and gloves (that shows how old I am). We colored eggs and made plans for a festive family Easter dinner after church on Sunday. The table was set with care, and there were always flowers. The garden was beginning to show color, and we gathered outdoors to take photographs of each other to commemorate the occasion and to compare years gone by. And oh my, how we enjoy those photos years later. The best was the hats!

Well we don’t seem to wear hats any more, and gloves are a thing of the past (other than to keep warm in the winter). Ladies used to wear a corsage of flowers to church on Easter Sunday, another custom that has gone by the wayside. Society has changed, and for many, the formality of Easter is not what it used to be. Large family dinners are often smaller and more casual sometimes evolving into a barbeque or picnic in areas where the weather allows. We don’t seem to travel to grandma’s house quite as much but we may choose Easter for that family vacation. Read More