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Photo Courtesy: Manda Renee Photography

Photo Courtesy: Manda Renee Photography

Prom dresses this year continue to trend away from the traditional big multi-layered full ball gown and toward the form fitting, lace and jewel encrusted fantasy numbers seen on fashion runways.

Mermaid silhouettes are joined with fun and flirty two-piece separates that let teens express themselves by mixing and matching. No more having to worry if someone else will wear the same dress.

Cap sleeves, one shoulder and high necklines have made a showing this year. This has provided a bit of variety to the typical sleeveless/strapless evening look.

Rompers, both long and short, and one-piece pantsuits have also brought a new style to the prom scene. Not only do they diversify the look, but also they are a great option for prom attendees that are not fond of dresses. Read More

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Top 5 Colorful Prom Looks for 2015

by Shelby Shy on April 10, 2015 at 9:52 am

Color is the word for prom 2015. Flowers and floral accents are the perfect prom accessories and come in so many beautiful bright colors. Here are my top five favorite looks for 2015 prom flowers.

Rainbow orange roses are a hit embellished with ribbon tails and purple feathers. Perfect for that spark plug teen.


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Valentine’s Day Trends 2015

by Leanne Kesler on February 5, 2015 at 8:13 am

What’s hot this Valentines holiday?  Love…love…love… and a personalized approach.

The classic Valentine of red roses is always a favorite. Personalize the gift with feathers and jewels. Add a card that says, “My heart’s all a flutter,” and your sweetheart will swoon.


Vintage Valentine is trending strong. Think soft pinks, lavenders, aqua and peach for a romantic, subtle message of love.


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ExpressYourselfAre you trying to plan an amazing date for your Valentine? Well, look no further. I have the information you need.

Start by thinking about your sweetheart’s preferences. Does she or he like eating out or in? I like focusing on food, as sharing a special dinner is a wonderful activity for a date. Take the cell phones out of your pockets, put them face down on the side of the table so no one is tempted to take the attention away from the other person. I promise, friends, family and even work can wait one night.

Once you decide the where, it’s time for the finishing touches. Dress up. Show up for your date looking your best. Speak in gentle, loving tones. Hold your date’s gaze and smile.

Arrange a Valentine’s Day gift. There is nothing like the gift of flowers to show your sweetheart how much they are loved. A single rose when you pick up your date is beautiful. Consider having the other 11 roses at the restaurant on the table. I once had a date show up at my door with one rose, had five more roses at the restaurant and then he took me to a chocolatier for dessert and the last six roses were there waiting for us. (I eventually married the guy.) Read More

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2015: Resolve to Live Like A Flower

by Jennifer Sparks on January 1, 2015 at 6:44 am

SAF_LiveLikeAFlower_404X404A new year brings on desires to better ourselves — sometimes physically, sometimes emotionally, sometimes spiritually. We want to do this for ourselves as well as our relationships with others. Last year, we kicked off a series of blog posts, released each month, to help you do just that.

These short-but-mighty pieces of advice are offered by experts in happiness, design psychology, love and relationships, and change. Resolve to Live Like A Flower, and you will find joy and peace for yourself and for those around you.

Through bite-size tips and advice, Kelli Ellis helps you be uniquely you, Vanessa Diffenbaugh gives tips on how to connect to your community, Christine Arylo shows you how to bloom in your friendships, Jayme Barrett demonstrates how to radiate positive energy, MJ Ryan helps you find happiness in an ordinary day, and Vicki Norris shares guidance on how to live a prioritized life.

Click here for the entire Live Like A Flower Series and start your 2015 off right. Happy New Year!

Which is your favorite Live Like A Flower post?