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Teacup with Garden Flowers

Teacup with pink roses, stock, ivy geranium, kalanchoe, variegated ivy and Martha Washington geraniums.

Spring, friends, flowers, yummy treats, and sipping a master brewed cup of tea… sounds lovely. Have you been invited to a tea or have you thought of hosting one? The Tea Party trend is becoming popular with women who seek an informal way to get together in an atmosphere that is casual, and special, at the same time.

The hectic pace of life has become the norm, and many seek refuge where time can be spent at a slower pace. Invite a friend to have a cup of tea at your kitchen table, make some simple sandwiches or nibble on special cookies from the new bakery down the street. Just taking time for you and special friends balance to life. Read More

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Mother’s Day is a time for families to be together. Starting Mother’s Day with a lovely brunch is a perfect way to say thanks and show mom how much she’s appreciated. Here are three simple tips to celebrate the special day:

Tip 1: Have Breakfast in Bed

There’s nothing sweeter than breakfast-in-bed on Mother’s Day with dad and the kids presenting mom with a tray full of goodies and a homemade card. But, many like to spend the day with grandma and close mom friends and other family as well. So, if the get-together is at your home, keep things as easy as possible, and elicit the help of your family, so you can enjoy your day, too.

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