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Bridal Bouquet … in a Clutch

by J. Robbin Yelverton on July 12, 2016 at 12:08 pm

Clutch Bouquet — Photo Courtesy Blumz by…JRDesigns in metro DetroitLike a Broadway show or fashion, bridal bouquet styles sometime end a run of popularity and then are “rediscovered” and enjoy a revival. Such is the case of the clutch bouquet.

A true clutch is an elongated bouquet that is carried on the arm, like you would an infant, or carried to the side clutched in the hand with the tip of the bouquet downward. Its name “clutch” implies that it is a gathering of casually arranged stems clutched or bound together with ribbon, twine or some other binding material.

However, in the world of Pinterest, and other social media platforms, the term “clutch bouquet” is being used to describe everything from a true clutch to what is more accurately called a nosegay or round hand-tied bouquet. These definitions are incorrect and could lead to a disappointed bride on her big day. On the other hand, the clutch bouquet can also, at times, be called a presentation, pageant, or arm bouquet.

The clutch bouquet is a casual, informal yet graceful bouquet that typically has a lot of movement as the materials are not tightly controlled. It is perfect for an afternoon ceremony, an outdoor garden setting or an intimate gathering of a friends and family. Read More

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Weddings With a Golden Touch

by J. Robbin Yelverton on February 22, 2016 at 8:46 am

Wedding Reception — Blumz by…JRDesigns in metro DetroitThe start of 2016 brings weddings that are golden. No, really, GOLDEN! The warm luster of gold is haute in wedding decor, and brides can’t seem to get enough of it. Whether low gold mercury glass bowls of florals or dramatic raised centerpieces on gold pedestals, the golden touch is everywhere.

Along with the gold rush has come a renewed interest in natural garden inspired designs. More prominently used foliage and texture are breathing life into the floral designs. The use of a variety of novelty foliage, herbs, berries and grasses add a lushness to the designs that has been missing in the all-floral arrangements we have been seeing.

Non-matching centerpieces using an assortment of vintage containers ties into the retro/vintage trend that we have been experiencing recently. It will remain strong simply because it is elegant and romantic. Lush, organic and free-form designs are on the upswing breaking the monotony of the compact mounds of previous years and this trend is showing up nationwide. Read More

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Congrats, You’re Engaged!

by Shelby Shy on January 16, 2016 at 11:00 am

wedding bouquet by Shirley's Flowers People are ringing in the New Year and for some there will be WEDDING BELLS, as many couples get engaged this time of year! Here are some of the popular trends in wedding flowers:

Trend 1: Brides taking flowers from their bouquet and making them focal flowers for their bridesmaids

In this natural bouquet we used cotton, roses, dahlias, spray roses and succulents.

We took one of those flowers and created a monobotanical bouquet for each of the bridesmaids.

monobotanical bouquet Read More

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Trends for Weddings in 2016

by Jenny Scala on January 8, 2016 at 10:45 am

It’s exciting to plan your own wedding and all those special little details. You’re checking out wedding photos online and in bridal magazines for inspiration. Share the photos that catch your eye with your florist. Seeing your ideas and preferences will help your florist translate your concepts into floral designs that are just right for you. Some ideas to consider are these four floral trends and styles for weddings and events forecasted for 2016 by floral designers Kristine Kratt, AIFD, and Bill Schaffer, AIFD.

Lavish Lavish is for the ultimate romantic and is gathered from the garden gorgeous. Its bountiful textures and picturesque colors are equally at home in a rustic country farmhouse, a winery or urban courtyard. It is sensual and tactile. Soft pinks and delicate peaches are contrasted with rich plums and crimson. Flowers are loosely grouped with strong emphasis on textural foliages, giving Lavish its garden-inspired style.

Lavish-Sets Read More

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PIF_7067If you asked people, “Would you like this world to be a better place? Would you like people to be happier?” most would say, “Of course.” But the notion of making this world a happier place is totally overwhelming. It makes us think we have to do something ‘big’ like solve world hunger, find a cure for cancer, or raise the next President. But that’s not actually true.

We have the power to make a big impact on the world just by our interactions with the people in our daily lives. “Big” world change doesn’t start with grand solutions, big shifts happen one heart at a time. You touch one person, they touch another, and they another and the domino effect does all the work. Read More