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Everyone loves a “pat on the back” or a “high five” for a job well done, and it’s no secret that a simple “thank you” can go a long way. Smart managers know Administrative Professionals Week, also known as Professional Secretaries Week, is a time to recognize office professionals for their accomplishments and contributions.

Be the boss who says “thank you” during Administrative Professionals Week, April 21–27, 2013. Giving flowers is a sophisticated way of saying ‘I appreciate all you do,” and science proves it’s good for business. Research from Texas A&M University reveals that flowers and plants lift an employee’s mood, create a lasting memory and boost productivity. Read More

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Think of all the time, money and energy you’ve spent over your lifetime wishing or yearning for a loving relationship — whether you were single and looking for a mate or in a relationship in need of more intimate connection. Do you remember how in these kinds of moments you felt totally out of control as to whether or not that love would ever find you? (Horrible, right?)

Now imagine you have at your very fingertips the power to feel loved whenever you wanted — no matter what your romantic relationship status. That sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? To be able to feel loved whenever you want?  When I realized that I had this power, which I call my “Love Power,” my entire life changed. I went from a person looking for love to a person who was wealthy in love.

First, I stopped looking outside for love and began to be a ‘love generator’ — a person who creates love for themselves by taking acts of self-love and love. Then I discovered that one of my most potent love powers was Gratitude — finding people whom I could express gratitude to in really simple ways. This love exchange always left me feeling more love and less alone. Read More

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One of my favorite TV shows is NBC’s The Office. It’s hard to believe April 28 is Steve Carrell’s final episode. This milestone event of Scranton Branch Manager Michael Scott (Carrell) leaving Dunder Mifflin, Inc., coincides with one of the country’s largest workplace observances.

Office Flowers & PlantsAdministrative Professionals Week is April 24-30, and Administrative Professionals Day is Wednesday, April 27. The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP), the organization sponsoring the observance, recommends: “For Administrative Professionals Day 2011, we’re veering away from the traditional celebration of the day which is centered on administrative professionals. The recession has hit everyone in the office. Downsizing has forced all of us to pull together and work harder, not just the administrative professionals in the workplace. IAAP recognizes the hard work and sacrifice from everyone. This year, celebrate all office professionals.”

It’s important to express gratitude, especially to the people you work with each and every single day, such as the assistant who screens your calls and keeps you on schedule, the office manager who orders your coffee and supplies, the IT guy who configures your computer and restocks toner, and the staffer who cleans out the fridge and is always willing to pitch in and work late. Read More