You know the song, by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. “Summer summer summertime. Time to sit back and unwind.” Yes! Summertime is here.

Summer means warm weather, and for many, vacations to the beach. So, what’s the connection between flowers and the beach? A few summers ago, we challenged four florists to design an arrangement to delight a friend who loves the beach. The purpose was to illustrate how florists can match any personality with flowers.

With summertime here, sit back and unwind as we take a quick trip down memory lane and revisit four floral arrangements ideal for those can’t get enough of the sun, surf and sand.

This design appropriately called “Barefoot with Waves” inspires the feeling of being barefoot in the sand. The sound of the waves, the smell in the air, and looking at beautiful shades of blue make for total relaxation.

Named for the island it was inspired by, “Bora Bora” is vibrant yet serene. This design is perfect for the beach house or for anyone longing for escape to cocktail umbrellas and cabanas.

It is intended to transport the recipient by extracting the colors from these lush, verdant islands – sea, sand, sun and, of course, palm trees. Subtle details include coral-like Celosia and the spiky sea urchin Dianthus. The flowers crash over the driftwood like waves washing away your cares.

The perfect gift to express appreciation to a supportive friend, this arrangement affectionately named “Island Girl” is designed to send the following message: “You are a friend, soothing as the sound of the surf as it crashes upon the sand; a harbor of tranquility in my stormy life.

Your friendship embraces me like the salt air with the coolness of the ocean breeze. For you, my special friend, my “mermaid,” my love… a gift.“


With its cool blue and green colors you can smell the breezy salt air in this “Tranquil Motion” floral arrangement. Adding a keepsake bento box, handmade starfish and flip-flops will ensure this gift will last far beyond beach season. The hand-woven lily grass crests as waves cascading from the arrangement.

Each of these designs showcase the artistry, expertise, and quality that you get from working with a professional florist. Whether for yourself or as a gift, florists can create a special gift custom fit for the recipient.

Tell us about custom floral designs you’ve seen.