What are your plans for Father’s Day Sunday? Coinciding with the summer solstice, June 21 means Father’s Day will be the longest day of the year. That means more time to celebrate the men in your life. Men — yes, I mean plural. Take a moment and remember Dad, Grandpa and everyone who has been “like a father” to you in the past year. Oh, my! That’s getting to be quite a list. Even with it being the longest day of the year, you might want to get started earlier — soon — like, now.

Start by sending a surprise gift to the important fathers in your life early this week. Men love to get flowers and men are always surprised to get flowers. Why is that? Because we just don’t send them enough. It’s time to start a trend. Send flowers and make your men smile.


Who’s first? Dad. What’s your dad’s favorite color? Not sure? Play it safe with hot fire colors. Most men like vivid yellow sunflowers, radiant orange orchids and dramatic marsala hued protea. Note: you’ll get extra points for being on-trend with the Pantone color of the year, Marsala.


Next, gift the father of your children. You can set a good example for your kids. Make it fun and let the kids choose the flowers. It’s best to take them directly to the flower shop and let them pick — this is such a great habit to get started. On Sunday morning, teach them how to make a tasty breakfast and set a tray for bedside service. Note: Their spouse will thank you some day when they do the same in their own home.


Moving on down the list, don’t forget grandpa, and don’t stop there. Invite all the important men in your life (grandpa, brothers, uncles and the neighbor next door who always helps you out) to gather for a festive barbeque celebrating all the dads in the extended family. Keep it casual with a checkered tablecloth and sunflowers. Make it easy with a potluck. Everyone brings their dad’s favorite food. This may take a little planning to ensure you don’t end up with nothing but hot dogs and beer. Whatever you serve will be fabulous as long as you have flowers. A little floral gift to take home reminds the men that they’re special and they’re loved. Have fun pampering the men in your life!